OPEN LETTER TO THE ROYALS: Dumping Frank White a poor decision

Publisher's Note: Adam Drovetta is a sports reporter for, an affiliate and partner in high school sports coverage. He's also a big fan of the Kansas City Royals. The team's decision to fire Frank White as an analyst did not sit well with him. Here's an open letter from him to the Royals organization.


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing about your recent decision regarding Frank White. It is with a great deal of sadness and frustration that I write this letter; sadness because of the end of Frank’s career covering the Royals as well as the end of my being able to enjoy his analysis during games and frustration because, until this, I believed that the course of poor decision making by your organization had finally shifted. Clearly, I was fooled.

When the trade deadline passed this summer and none of the team’s big name players had been moved, I was elated.

When Melky Cabrera was traded earlier this off season, I was sad because I knew I would miss watching Melky on the field but I was also supportive of the decision because I understood the team’s depth in the outfield was ample and the move upgraded a thin area: the starting rotation. I also was impressed with the addition of Jonathan Broxton. I believe this will help an already talented bullpen improve even more.

Unlike many other off seasons, the move that upset me the most did not involve any player personnel. Your choice to call for the removal of Frank White as an analyst during television broadcasts bothered me more than any personnel decision in recent memory by your organization.

Frank provided a friendly tone, a familiar laugh, and a level of analysis that can only come from a great baseball player.

Even more troubling is that the reason behind the decision is reportedly that Frank was too negative in his analysis.

If this is truly the reason behind your decision, then I feel you’re out of line for three reasons:

1. Frank is a legend within your organization. The things he did for the Royals during his time as a player have earned him the right to voice whatever criticisms he may have.

2. Frank’s position in the booth was as an analyst. His job was to point out what he was seeing at any given moment in the game.

3. With all due respect to the players on the field, for whom I have a great deal of admiration, the product in recent years has been very deserving of criticism. I think your organization, myself, and all of the fans can agree that the on-field performance of the team in recent years has been largely unacceptable.

I won’t fill this letter with empty threats that I’ll revoke my fandom because that just isn’t
true. There is a brick outside of your stadium declaring I will forever be a fan and I have no intention of breaking that pledge.

This letter is simply a reminder that you do have fans who are following the decisions of your organization and who are willing to hold you accountable when we see those decisions as poor. You broke a lot of hearts when you chose to do away with Frank White, and mine is one of them.

Adam Drovetta

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