Pirates football team leads the way in awards

Eight different Piper Pirates football players earned awards at last weekend's KCK Preps Awards Presentation. Head coach Chris Brindle and linebacker Colton Beebe took home two of the top three awards.

PHOTOS: KCK Preps Awards ceremony

Check out some photos from last weekend's awards show at The Legends Theatre in KCK!

Prospect Profile: Tanner Eikenbary (Piper)

Here's a look at Piper Pirates quarterback Tanner Eikenbary.

KCK Preps Prospect: Kendall Short, Mill Valley

Despite missing nearly half the season, Mill Valley Jaguars running back Kendall Short finished with over 700 yards of total offense and 12 touchdowns.

Bi-District Champs Again! Piper defeats Perry-Lecompton, 28-20

For the second straight year, the Piper Pirates football team has ended the season of the Perry-Lecompton Kaws.

Piper defeated Perry-Lecompton 28-21 tonight at Piper High School to improve to 7-3 on the season, claiming their second straight bi-district championship title.

After allowing an opening touchdown on defense, the Pirates dominated most of the first half of play.

They also scored an opening-drive touchdown to tie the game at 7. Piper scored on two of their next three drives to build a 21-7 lead.

Following a touchdown from Perry in the third quarter, the game remained at a stand-still most of the second half.

Paul Jones scored the game-winning touchdown from 68 yards out early in the fourth quarter.

Piper will take on Blue Valley Southwest at some point on Saturday. The time has not been announced just yet.


For a full recap, check out KCKPreps.com later tonight!

Prediction: Look for a breakout season for Washington's Deandre King

We have an interesting tool that measures how many student-athletes have been "Google'd," researched online and have arrived on KCK Preps because of that research.

Of all the underclassmen basketball players entering the season, no player has more online buzz right now than Deandre King.

Several people - a few coaches I imagine - have arrived here on our little Website because they have Googled the name of Deandre King into Google.

They have good reason too.

I saw King in action a few times this summer around the AAU circuit and he has a lot of tools that can make him a great player over the next two seasons.

What I like about his game so far:

- He plays defense. Defense is important to me and it's important to any coach who likes to play "man defense." King did a great job on Rozell Nunn after Kalen Allen could not play against Schlagle in the first game of their trio last year. King's defense keeps on getting better and better and with his height, that's important.

- Speaking of height, he's a big guard. I love guards like I love Diet Mountain Dew. Larger guards are a rare specie in Kansas City, Kan. King could easily reach 6'5 by the time he graduates from Washington.

- He can shoot and score. In a game featuring some of the best AAU talent in both Kansas City and Atlanta at a tournament this summer in Shawnee Mission, King was the best player on the court during some stretches. He put up 14 points in a span of three minutes. If he gets open, it's lights out.

Many following the Washington program are looking at Dominique Wilson - and for good reason. But King is someone who can be the team's second leading scorer this year. He has good upside and I'm looking forward to see how he does this season.

HIGHLIGHTS: Washington's Sai-Vone Love

David Brox is back with highlights of Washington Wildcats linebacker Sai-Vone Love.

HIGHLIGHTS: Piper's Caleb King

Here are highlights of Piper Pirates lineman Caleb King, courtesy of a search on YouTube.

When you watch these highlights, it's a little easier to see how he can make an interception and return it for a touchdown like he did against Sumner Academy last week.

These highlights are from King's junior season last year.

HIGHLIGHTS: Schlagle's J'veyon Browning vs. Lansing

From David Brox at Sport Highlights Unlimited comes the latest set of highlights of my favorite running back in Wyandotte County, Schlagle's J'veyon Browning.

Browning, in Schlagle's 33-12 loss to Lansing, had another big day for the Stallions

Which schools do the best job of getting the word out about their athletes?

I’ve touched on the subject of stats before, but I want to expand that conversation.

Occasionally I will receive emails from readers about why I don’t have more (insert school here) highlights, stats and general information.

Obviously, reason number one is it can difficult to cover nine high schools (10 including Basehor-Linwood).

Counting beans and keeping track of how many stories and posts I do for each school can be difficult. Plus, fairly or unfairly, teams deserve more coverage based on performance.

The Schlagle Stallions football team, for example, won two games last year. They won five more games this season and swept the Kansas City Kansas – Atchison League. They deserved a ton of love.

On a selfish note, I also publish The Kansas City Kansan news Website, meaning that a busy news day cuts down on my time for KCK Preps. Even Diet Mountain Dew, coffee and working out more means that I’m out of energy sometimes.

However, there’s also another factor – how the schools provide information and film to both me and David Brox, our highlight guy from Sport Highlights Unlimited.

So who does really well in getting the word out and to provide solid access?

SCHOOLS THAT USE MAXPREPS: These schools use the MaxPreps Website to keep track of stats and roster information about their football programs.

- Piper
- Bonner Springs
- Washington
- Turner
- Schlagle

SCHOOLS THAT USE HUDL: Hudl is a Website where you place highlights online where I can to or a copy can be given to our highlights guy.

- Piper
- Bonner Springs
- Washington
- Turner
- Wyandotte (account is private)
- Schlagle (though it's not HUDL, Schlagle has been very generous in providing highlights for us this year)

SCHOOLS THAT HAVE SENT IN STATS: These schools have actually taken the time to email me and others to provide stats from each game.

- Piper
- Sumner Academy (one time)

As you can see, generally the four Kaw Valley programs in Kansas City, Kan., and Wyandotte County have done the best job, with a KCK Public Schools program sprinkled in here or there.

Piper is my star pupil - they've went far and beyond anything I could ask for. 

While it's not a bad thing to not use these services, they are available and help not only us here, but the program itself. I know schools exchange HUDL highlights, for example, before each game out of sportsmanship. 

I'm not trying to be a jerk, but there's a reason why I haven't been able to publish more stats from certain schools. It's not a necessity, but I do think a program with pride should post stats for their student-athletes.