Player Spotlight: Benny Parker - Sumner

by David Brox,

Benny Parker had a magnificent night a few weeks back against Spring Hill.  Nick Sloan mentioned in his article how rare a 40 point game is and I wanted to take the opportunity to put a highlight package together for that effort and for one of the top players this year and all time in KCK. 

Parker is on his way to claiming another league title and push forward to a third state championship.  He has started varsity all 4 years which is rare by itself but the thing that has stuck out to me most about him is the evolution he has made as a player from freshman to senior.  His ability to improve each year has landed him a scholarship at Nebraska University.  Securing a scholarship at a BCS college is amazing and I personally commend this young man for this great achievement.

I have watch Parker since he was in the 8th grade.  My first glimpse at his speed was on the football field.  While watching my cousin Vernon I saw this small running back breaking free and exhibiting an incredible amount of speed.  They played Central Middle School that day and I counted 3 times the safety chose not to bother chasing him down the side line.  Since that moment I have racked my brain for now 5 years to try and find a player Benny reminds me of.  Today I officially give up!

Benny now in my opinion is rare talent and in a class of his own.  He has undeniable speed and quickness.  Speed kills but teams quickly backed completely away from Parker and dared him to shoot the ball.  I over heard conversation after conversation on how to handle Parker and his freshman and sophomore year was very specific.  BACK OFF!

Coming off a state title though Parker got to work and evolved his jump shot and as evidence in this 41 point outburst and games through out this senior season he can shoot the ball effectively.  What I have heard from coaches as well as just general conversation in the stands now is that you have to make him go left.  I say good luck with any strategy at this point as it is clear that anything you try he will adjust and win.

Time will tell if he has enough around him this year to claim a third state title.  Marcus Allen is coming on strong and Deon Tripp is evolving in his junior year but one thing is perfectly clear.  Parker is one of the all time greats on the basketball courts of KCK.  I hope everyone is taking the opportunity to go watch this young man as he works on reclaiming a league title and defending Sumner's state championship.  I do not anticipate us seeing another player like this possibly in another lifetime.

Benny I will speak for all of KCK when I say thank you for your endless hustle and hard work on the court.  We wish you nothing but success at Nebraska.

Here is a look at most of the 41 points Parker scored including a play of the year candidate that I slowed down.  Thanks to coach Parra for allowing me to have access to the footage.  Enjoy!