A public "thank you" to the Piper and Bonner Springs football teams

By NICK SLOAN, NJSloan212@gmail.com

There are some frustrating times covering 10 schools (13 if you count the entire Kaw Valley League).

Whether it's getting stats, setting up the broadcast, spending hours upon hours of our own time writing stories or cutting up highlights, the KCK Preps staff works hard seven days a week to provide the best coverage of high school football in the entire state.

The Bonner Springs-Piper game was another reminder of why we do this - and perhaps the biggest reminder ever since the Website was launched in June 2011.

While David Brox, Vernon Birmingham and myself don't speak for each other too much, I imagine it's safe to say I can speak for them when I say this.

Thank you to the Piper Pirates and Bonner Springs football teams for playing the best game I've ever covered in Kansas City, Kan., and Wyandotte County. 

This is a 99 percent lock to be our game of the year in this winter's KCK Preps award ceremony. And quite frankly, if there's a better game than this one, I may pass out on the field and I may not make it to the awards ceremony.

You had momentum swing after swing in this game. You had a safety that was huge late in the game.

You had Jordan Jackson and Tanner Eikenbary get killed by the defense throughout the game, but both did enough to either win the game or push the game into overtime.

You had great players making great plays.

You had drama. You had two great crowds and communities come out to support their student-athletes.

These two teams absolutely gave it their all Friday night.

While I imagine writing so much about one game may rub some of the other schools the wrong way, I apologize if it does.

You had to be there to appreciate it. You had to be broadcasting the game or be on the sideline to appreciate the hard-hitting, the toughness and heart displayed by both teams.

I cannot thank the student-athletes on the Piper and Bonner Springs football teams enough for giving me one of the greatest nights in my career Friday night.

It serves as a reminder why doing all of this is worth it.

Though I'm far from a head coach, I can say that I'm personally proud of every single player who put on a jersey and saw action. I'm proud to have spent two-and-a-half hours covering this game and I'm honored to share the community you play in.

Again, congratulations to both schools and communities for having two good football teams they can be proud of.

Thank you.