Brox Football Power Rankings - Week 1

by David Brox,

A little movement in the middle but the top teams held serve in week 1. 

10. Bishop Ward (10 previous week)

Tim Dorian is a good coach.  He has a great personality and I love the quote "Keep it simple stupid".  I will say this however until I am blue in the face.  Coaching can lose you some games but players win them.  There is a reason Phil Jackson never took over the Charlotte Bobcats.  There are no positives in a 56-0 loss.  I did hear the fans had a good time in the rain though.

9. Washington (9 previous week)

Blue Valley Southwest is in the same league as some of the best teams in this city.  Gardner-Edgerton and Blue Valley who are competing for state titles.  It is truly a tough ask for this young team and they struggled losing 44 - 6.  Good to see Stanfield and Harrison hook up on a TD.

8.  Sumner Academy (6 previous week)
This is a tough pill for Sumner to swallow losing to a 2A Immaculata 14 - 12.  Kicking was no doubt tough in the rain and the 2 point conversion by Immaculata was the difference in this game.  Brian Cobbins made his varsity debut with 18 carries and 79 yards.  Williams to Daniels for a TD as well is something positive to take from this game.

7. Harmon (8 previous week)

Harmon got blanked 30 - 0 against a now 2-0 Hogan Prep team.  Hopefully I can get to watch this game on video this week.

6. Turner (7 previous week)

Yes, Turner moved up in my power rankings in a loss.  The answer is simple that Paul Berry who I heard from through twitter to be doing well and is optimistic he will be playing next week.  If Berry is on the field this team will be competitive.  A very physical team but got deflated and lost 12 - 7 at home to Bonner Springs. 

5. Wyandotte

24 - 6 over Van Horn is a nice way to kick off the season for the Bulldogs.  We will learn a lot about Harmon and Wyandotte this week as they play at Wyandotte.

4. Bonner Springs (4 previous week)

I love the honesty and freedom we have here at KCK Preps.  Vernon is definitely not bashful in calling me out and that is what makes sports fun.  I tweeted a list of player of the week candidates and included Jordan Jackson who definitely didn't put up the numbers seen by some other players. 

Going strictly off memory because the stats aren't up yet he completed 5 or 6 passes and the most significant yardage was on Thaddeus Glenn's 51 yard TD catch and run.  He had some "gutty" runs which in the end iced the game for the Braves. 

Berry was clearly the best player on Friday night so why would I even consider Jackson for player of the week?  There is something to be said about getting over a hump.  Bonner Springs hadn't beaten Turner since the 2008 season.  So while other candidates were at Ryan's gorging themselves at the all you can eat buffet, Jackson was grinding against a physical Turner team.

So to be fair I am a fan of this young man and Vernon let me know that this may be clouding my judgement a bit.  That is a fair statement and I will definitely work to stay as subjective as possible but this was my line of thinking.

3. Piper (3 previous week)

I am not going to drop Piper after losing to Eudora 25 - 7.  I thought Piper played them well but some costly mistakes killed the momentum for Piper.  Beebe's forced fumble and recovery was a monster play in the game.  Piper drove right down to the 1 yard line when Eikenbary moved a little early on the QB sneak.  Eikenbary then got unlucky on the deflection INT and the following possession the ball slipped out of his hand for a lost fumble. 

The defense played well in my opinion but simply got worn down.  They lived on the field for a majority of the second half and Eudora well run but funky running attack was a real challenge.

A lot of things could have happened differently but I point to the false start.  Piper will need to get focused as Basehor will likely be running a lot themselves.

2. Schlagle (2 previous week)
36 - 6 in the coaching debut for Martez Wesley and the Stallions.  J'Veyon Browning was clearly had the best statistical performance of week one with 263 and 3 TD's.  Topeka West has lost 25 straight and have been the dormat in their league.  So I will not take anything away from the performance as you have play the team in front of you.  Being the number 2 team in the power rankings comes with some expectations and those expectations were met week one.  Nice job!

1. Basehor (1 previous week)
If #1 losses to #10 then I would have ended my short sport journalistic career.  That was an impressive scrimmage to prepare for week 2 against Piper.  #1 vs #3 and KCK Preps will be there!  We will join Rodney White who is calling the games for Basehor this year in the broadcast booth to call this big time early matchup.  Make sure you tune in early for our pregame coverage and there is possibly a very special guest for the halftime interview.