Brox Football Power Rankings - Week 2

by David Brox,

I have to say this is getting tough but I will press forward.

10. Bishop Ward (10 previous week)

45-0 St. James Academy.  It doesn't appear to get any easier for Bishop Ward as they head to Bonner Springs Friday.  This is one of a few projects in our city and honestly the hardest one.  Keep working hard.

9. Washington (9 previous week)

Topeka West had a healthy losing streak coming into Washington and was able to score a victory.  Harrison to Stanfield is a good combo.  I am hoping we get to see some film because Stanfield had an excellent catch just before the half. 

I was encouraged by the effort from Javeon Williams on defense and scored a TD on offense.  This young man is going to be a monster if he continues work hard and develop.

I was also talking after the game about Harrison.  Athletically the young man is gifted.  Technically however the project is still in its infant stages.  In a season where it makes little sense to judge a team on wins and losses, I am going to really focus on player development at Washington.  Harrison's footwork will need to continue to improve along with his long throwing motion.

Next up for Washington is an undefeated Atchison squad who is hungry to make a name for themselves in the KCAL.

8. Sumner Academy (8 previous week)

If you can't stop the run then needless to say you are going to have problems.  We will get an up close and personal look at Sumner this week as we will be broadcasting the game against Wyandotte.

The running game for Sumner was non existent this week.  Deon Tripp had a big game so that is a positive to take away.  Can they stop Wyandotte?

7. Harmon (7 previous week)

56-6 to open league is tough.  I am not moving Harmon down just yet but the Washington vs Harmon game is going to determine a few things.  It doesn't get any easier with Schlagle this week so I am looking for the seniors to step up and avoid another disaster.

6. Turner (6 previous week)

Ok this is going to start getting tricky for Turner.  Mill Valley has a good squad so getting smashed on the road isn't a means to throw them under the bus.  I however will have to put Turner on notice.  If you lose at home to a Lansing team that is really struggling then we will have to make some decisions.

5. Wyandotte (5 previous week)

I have to say that I am impressed.  I have not gotten to watch Wyandotte yet.  I will get to see the Harmon game and Coach Brown is going to share the first game.  As stated above we are broadcasting the game Friday so I will get the chance to see this team live.  I will say now Wyandotte fans that I see what your team is doing but I am not ready to put Wyandotte over Schlagle.  YET!

4.  Schlagle (2 previous week)

It is impossible to get blanked at home and not drop in the rankings.  I got to have a brief chat with Coach Wesley and he acknowledged the offense struggled.  He however spoke very highly of the defense.  They were on the field a lot and played very strong despite the 21 points.

I am going to challenge these seniors to not let this go south.  This can be a wake up call for the Stallions.  After a loss like this it helps to have a struggling Harmon team in your next game.  I am putting you on notice though.  Wyandotte hung 56 on them.

3.  Basehor-Linwood (1 previous week)

Ryan Murphy stated at halftime that there was going to be a bit of panic in the locker room for Basehor.  We would have to research this but I wonder when was the last time Basehor went to the half losing.  It doesn't get any easier this week against Windmiller and Short at Mill Valley.

You just got hit in the mouth so we will be watching to see if you swing back.  Keep competing.

2.  Bonner Springs (4 previous week)

Ok.  I won't ignore the 2-0 start but we have to be realistic about it.  That was a great win at Turner but if we are honest Paul Berry's injury changed that game.  The performance on the road Friday night was fantastic but Lansing is not looking very good.

Tyler Howell emerged and showed something I honestly haven't seen from him before.  I got to meet and chat with Steve Cline who is coaching Howell and is a former K-State player.  I could here his excitement when talking about the potential of this young man.  Watching the game I can definitely see the development and a motor.

Jordan Jackson was spectacular.  I said before this season that he is going to be a monster on the ground and should eat well this week at Bishop Ward.

Jackson said, "Lansing was keying on Jared so the rest of the team had to step up and make plays.  My wide receivers did a great job".

1.   Piper (3 previous week)

I said during the broadcast that this team has taken the momentum from last season and transferred it right into this one.  This is the case despite the loss last week in Eudora.  Basehor had a scrimmage and Piper went to battle and that in my opinion showed Friday night.

Tanner Eickenbary looked extremly poised and threw a flat out strike to Cliff Rangel to extend the lead in the 3rd quarter.  I mentioned a few times that Eickenbary is often of the move and appears to avoid settling in the pocket.  Well that was not the case on that throw.  If he can channel that watch out.

Keaton Cofield showed me a lot friday night.  Ben Johnson got his numbers without question.  I was however impressed that after Johnson's TD pass over Paul Jones he or the coaches decided to follow Johnson all over the field.  Whether he was lined up at TE or out wide.  It showed a lot of leadership.