Brox Power Rankings - Week 4

by David Brox,

I fully plan to follow this weekly column through the season because it honestly makes me think more in depth about the teams.  In doing so I feel we are able to provide that extra layer of insight during our broadcasts. 

I am going to supply some bulletin board material this week so lets get to it.

10. Harmon (9 previous week) 0-4

Yes, I just lowered Harmon below Ward (who lost 49 to 7) and at this point I think if they lined up right now Ward would win.  The offensive line is having some serious challenges to say the least.  Washington's highlights from the game showed plays run with 10 players on the offensive field which is unforgivable.

I will ask each player on this team to keep trying your best and do not quit.  You are a young squad that needs to practice and improve.

9. Bishop Ward (9 previous week) (0-4)

I won't beat a dead horse. 

8. Sumner Academy (8 previous week) 0-4

Early turnovers buried Sumner Academy against Schlagle.  Sumner relies on the running game as well that never got going.  I think you need to credit Schlagle more than penalize Sumner.

7. Washington (7 previous week) 2-2

I know what you are thinking Washington fans.  How in the world are we still sitting at 7 after our second straight win?  We beat the team that beat your #4 squad.

Trust me I get it but that win propelled you to be number 7.  A win against Harmon right now honestly means a whole lot of nothing.

Your stock is on the rise and a win against Sumner will be a bit more impressive because I know they will be prepared to play.

6. Turner (6 previous week) 2-2

49-7 against Ward is expected.  Showdown week with Basehor-Linwood and a solid opportunity for Paul Berry to shine. 

NOTE: I would like to see Paul Berry's stats.  I would guess he is in consideration for player of the year but need to see his numbers to validate.

5. Basehor-Linwood (5 previous week) 2-2

Interesting couple of weeks for Basehor-Linwood.  The Bobcats can salvage some respect if they can manage wins against Turner and Bonner Springs.  Giving up 20 points to Lansing raises some flags but we won't push any panic buttons yet.

4. Wyandotte (4 previous week) 3-1

21-6 loss to Atchison is a bit surprising.  We however must acknowledge what Washington did beating this squad but also understand that Atchison started out the season with 2 shutouts.  They shutdown Cole Holloway as well.  So I have not been able to watch this game specifically but this screams to me that Wyandotte was looking ahead.

An ugly showing could be disaster for Wyandotte.  Not overall but in this poll.

Note to the rest of the KCAL.  DO NOT LOOK PAST ATCHISON!

3. Bonner Springs (2 previous week) 3-1

Best high school game from a competitive stand point I have seen but after watching the game now a few times Bonner should have won going away.  Drops, missed receivers and Knernshield's injury stalled a few drives in the second half.  All credit to Piper who made the plays to win but Bonner missed some opportunities.

Jordan Jackson was a beast but he paid dearly for it and only time will tell if he will be able to hold up to that type of work load on the ground.  Outside the carries he got hit numerous times when throwing the ball.  It is imperative for Knershield to get more touches in my opinion if Bonner is going to bounce back.

It is important for the Braves not to blink or they will be taking on water in the next two weeks after such a good start.  A win this week may be a lot to ask for but playing as a team is a requirement leading into the Basehor game.

NOTE: I want to publicly thank the Bonner Springs coaching staff and administration.  They are a big supporter of KCK Preps and really helped us promote the broadcast.  Thanks!!

2. Schlagle (3 previous week) 3-1

My first good look at Schlagle was an impressive one.  They showed a killer instinct by getting the early turnovers and converting them into touchdowns.  40 points in a half is a real impressive offensive performance but I think what has Coach Wesley the most excited is the play of the defense.  You have Trevon and TJ Wallace, Stephan McIntosh, and Junior rush end Derrick Gibbs to get pressure up front.  Couple that with a ball hawking secondary and you have a scary proposition for opposing offenses.

The Stallions will have to find the right mix of J'Veyon Browning and other skill position players.  There are some "hongry" players that want to eat as well and keeping them happy will be important heading down the stretch. 

I can't wait to call the game Friday night.

1. Piper (1 previous week) 3-1

It is a simple saying in football.  If you win it really doesn't matter how it looks.  Piper was -3 in the turnover battle Friday but still managed to get to overtime and have one of the best goal line stands we will see in this city's history.

Piper was first class in hosting KCK Preps Game of the Week.  Doug Key who is the AD flat out rocks and I believe sincerly appreciates what we are trying to accomplish here at KCK Preps.  It is support like this that helps make it all worth it for Nick, Vernon and myself. 

Piper vs Mill Valley should be a fun game.