Brox Power Rankings Week 5

by David Brox,

It gets harder every week.  It is cloudy right now in Brox Power Ranking land, but I think I see a rainbow.  The word of the day is BUT.  That is B-U-T.

10. Harmon (10 previous week) 0-5 (L - 6-39)

Atchison stays alive in the KCAL race with a win over Harmon. 

9. Bishop Ward (9 previous week) (0-4) (L - 16-30)

Stat of the weekend is the number of students enrolled at Bishop Ward?  354 which is significant in terms of simply having enough players to participate let alone practice effectively.  Key number to watch at Ward but I am sure Coach Dorian will not use this as an excuse.

Players like Andrew Kump and Bryan Barnhart will keep fighting.  We will be watching to see if Ward can build momentum off their 16 point 4th quarter Friday night.  Lansing will be the favorite but they are struggling

8. Sumner Academy (8 previous week) 0-4 (L - 21-26)

This is a tough pill to swallow for these seniors.  Brandon Williams, Deon Tripp and Jowell Daniels specifically are fighting every week to get that first W.

I won't step too far out on a limb by saying you have tremendous shot at one this week.

7. Basehor-Linwood (5 previous week) 2-3 (L - 22-28)

This is without question the tough luck portion of rankings.  The talent is there it unfortunately for Basehor is not resulting in wins.  The team needs a spark and my thought when watching this team on film would be to pick a QB.

I worked out with Tanner Garver over the summer and think he is a great young man.  I however think he best serves the team as a receiver and runner.  I really believe both quarterbacks are thinking entirely too much and are rightfully locking in on Ben Johnson when they throw BUT, Garver on film is finding openings as a receiver and may be the best candidate at being option 2 to Johnson.

Drew Potter is a flat out given so the running game is just fine.

I won't call this week a must win because the league race is out of reach this year.  This game however is extremely important heading into district play.

6. Washington (7 previous week) 3-2 (W - 26-21)

Coach Salsgiver is clearly a candidate for coach of the year.  Securing a piece of the league title this week over Wyandotte may make it a lock for him to win the award.

Javeon Williams had a fantastic game running for over 170 yards.  Harrison to Stanfield is one of the most dangeous QB/WR combos in the city BUT, I am going to ask you guys to show me 1 more time.  You have a quality win against Atchison but the other 2 are against bottom dwellers in this poll.

Friday night we will see if Washington wakes up from the fairy tale.  KCK Preps will be there to broadcast and find out!

5. Turner (6 previous week) 2-2 (W - 28-22)

I have to be 100% honest.  I don't like how the offense looks at all BUT, it is grossly effective.  Paul Berry is one of the most electric runners in the city.  He has 13 total TD's and is a candidate for POY as predicted by many at the beginning of the season. 

It is a real shame the injury he sustained during that first week.  We will never know how that game turns out if he plays the entire game BUT, my guess they win.

4. Bonner Springs (3 previous week) 3-2 (L - 12-49)
You simply can not turn over the ball against a team with as much talent as Mill Valley.  You can call me stupid but when I watch Windmiller throw he mimics Peyton Manning.  He can move as well.  Bonner got ate alive down the seams.

We knew it would be a tough hill to climb and I do appreciate the fight on offense minus Jared Knernshield.  This week however to me is a must win.  It may not get talked about but what the Murphy twins did to Bonner Springs in football and basketball made them flat sick over the last few years.  Well Bonner Springs has an opportunity to get a monkey off their back.

3. Schlagle (2 previous week) 3-2 (L - 13-19)

Schlagle went up 13-0 and simply got shutdown Friday night.  First time you can write off but this is now the second time that Schlagle's offense has gone in reverse. 

This is why I make the big bucks because I am about to tell you why Schlagle lost Friday night.

Browning didn't touch the ball enough.

Now I am going to explain how Schlagle can get back on track.

Browning gets more touches.  He is KCK's version of Jamaal Charles.  The threat alone of a 60 yarder is enough reason to have the young man touch the ball more.  I wouldn't over think this.  I understand a desire to have balance but 2 losses now may call for some sacrifice in that strategy.

2. Wyandotte (4 previous week) 4-1 (W - 19-13)

How about those Bulldogs??  Coach Eddie Brown has the young men fired up and in a position to claim a share of the league title.  The scrambling ability of Dimonic McKinzy really was the difference for Wyandotte.  Mario Garcia's catch and run is a play of the year candidate.  It was the same type of game changing play as Browning's was last season.

I give this defense a ton of credit.  That was a fantastic effort in shutting down a Schlagle offense that was hitting on all cyclinders.

I am more than mythed by their loss to Atchison but we must press forward.  A win against Washington would lock up a share of the league title.

1. Piper (1 previous week) 3-1 (W - 21-14)

I would hope most football fans have seen the movie Rudy.  The story of this young man that walked on at Notre Dame.  No size, skill or talent yet he hustled every play and eventually got in a game and recorded a sack (per the movie).  I looked up the actual play.  A half a sack would be generous.

I digress to say that this man had a good message when he spoke at Sprint Friday afternoon. 

"Dream big."

Mill Valley's student enrollment?  1222

Piper student enrollment?  563

Cover the seams and hit Windmiller every chance you get!