COMMENTARY: KCK football hasn't seen someone like McKinzy in a long time


The San Francisco 49ers of the 1980's were a great dynasty.

They had star power on both offense and defense.

On offense, they were led by the great Joe Montana, a quarterback who won four Super Bowls and three Super Bowl MVP's. Defensively, they were led by Ronnie Lott, one of the five or six greatest defensive players of all time.

Imagine combining the elements of a great quarterback and a great defensive back.

That's what you get with Dimonic McKinzy.

Having watched highlights of McKinzy during his time at University Academy and highlights of his first few games for the Wyandotte Bulldogs, it's easy to see why he's getting looks from significant Division 1 programs.

When you're watching him at field level as I did Friday night during the Wyandotte Bulldogs 19-13 win against Schlagle, it's a whole new story.

Here's what stands out about McKinzy and what he can do:

1. He's a tremendous tackler. He demonstrated great form all night for the Bulldogs and you could see how great he is in an open field situation.

2. He can deliver hard hits. I cannot remember a quarterback delivering hits - let alone hard hits - like McKinzy. He can rock an offensive player's world if he wants to. I'm honestly not sure what he's better at - quarterbacking or playing defense. If I were to rank the top ten hardest hits I've seen in KCK this year, McKinzy would have two or three of them. He's right up there with Schlagle's Trevon Wallace and Piper's Keaton Cofield as the hardest hitters in KCK.

3. He had some magical escapes in the backfield. I counted at least eight times where he avoided sacks - sacks that 90 percent of other quarterbacks probably take. His strength in escaping some of those sack attempts amazed me. These weren't necessarily bad tackling efforts by Schlagle - it was McKinzy's raw power that allowed him to scramble and make plays all night long. I did not have an official stat sheet with me, but I would guess that he passed for 125-150 yards after escaping a sack alone. That's not supposed to happen.

4. He throws a pretty football. Even on some of the passes he missed through the air, McKinzy's spiral is tight and he throws a good ball. These are not Tim Tebow ducks coming off of McKinzy's right arm. These are tight spirals that you don't see a lot out of quarterbacks at the high school level.

5. He has great leadership. He rallied his troops and the fact he did not throw in the towel after a disappointing start speaks to his leadership abilities.

Kansas City, Kan., football has not seen someone like a Dimonic McKinzy in quite a long time.

He has the capability of changing the course of KCK football for the next two years.

And if Wyandotte continues to win, the Bulldogs could become the top program in the city because of him and head coach Eddie Brown.