Harmon vs Hogan - Highlights

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

It appears from the film that Harmon got the same version of Hurricane Isaac as we had at Turner field.  A complete mess and that is the best way to also describe the Harmon performance friday with the exception of the defense.  Harmon has a new core of players but the same issues from last year still showed up friday night.

Penalties and turnovers are at the root of this loss.  The defense did not give up much of anything but routinely were facing a short field following the turnovers.

The positive side is that these issues can be corrected.  We won't push the panic button yet but if Harmon has any plans on winning friday against Wyandotte they have to focus and eliminate the mental mistakes.

I was able to find a few highlights in the tape.  Check it out below.