Harmon vs Wyandotte Highlights - 9/7/2012

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

Don't believe the hype until you see something and that has been my attitude about Dimonic Roden-McKinzy.  If first impressions are everything then I am very impressed with him.  I honestly expected a lot of running but this young man has the full package.  Footwork, arm strength and accuracy are all qualities he has as a Junior. 

Kwasi Vann had an excellent game with 2 picks, 1 of those was returned for a TD.

Antonio Moore is the half back for Wyandotte.  The Sophomore had a great game out of the backfield.

Tyler Stanley for Harmon got his first signficiant time at QB and it was a rough one.  He ran for his life most of the game but made some poor decisions and throws.  I was very happy to see him settle down enough to get a TD throw. 

Check out the very one sided highlights of Wyandotte vs Harmon.