KCK Preps Highlights - Final Play

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

You know you have witnessed something special when 1 play can produce 4 or 5 stories.  I will obviously check my film and will need to see the film from Piper.  We are going to share as much footage as we can from this game.

I want to thank Stephen Montemayor from the Chieftian for a great photo of the final play and for joining us on air last night.

First let me state that any comments I make about this play now or over the next few days mean absolutely nothing.  The play was called a stop for Piper and we all will have to accept that.  It will be near impossible to produce a shot unless there is a clean one from the sideline and right now I don't think that exists. 

I am however a die hard sports fan and if we don't talk about this play for the next few days, weeks or even years then we are failing to understand what sports are all about. 

I am not going to state my verdict yet but I will start presenting evidence to the jury.  I watch a lot of Law and Order and CSI so watch out!