KCK Preps Highlights - Topeka West vs Washington

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

I am trying to stay caught up on highlights but honestly it is going to be tough.  I missed the Topeka West game against Washington but there is a exceptional catch by Lloyd Stanfield.  I don't know if the young man is left handed but the degree of difficulty on this catch is high.  He had full extension and pulled it in 1 handed. 

When I saw it live I knew I wanted to see it on film and it didn't disappoint.

The catch immediately reminded me of the catch a few years back by Vernon Vaughn.  In order to be a strong candidate for play of the year the drama has to be a part of the play.  Vernon's catch was for a TD with 2 defenders pulling him down.  J'Veyon Browning's play last year was in the 4th quarter after Harmon just tied the score.  So for now it is on my watch list.

Washington did lose the game but you will see the improvement which led to the victory the following week in Atchison.