KCK Preps Fall Award Ceremony 2012

By DAVID BROX, davidbrox@shukc.com

I know we just completed Week 3, but I am looking ahead to our second annual award ceremony for fall sports.  I have gotten asked a few times if we planned to do it again and the answer is absolutely.  I don't want to just do it again.  I want to do it bigger and better. 

To accomplish that, I will have to call for sponsorship for the event.  We have had great sponsorship from the Black Police Officer Association, Nick Verbenec Photography and a few private sponsors but if we are to achieve the goals I have for the event this year, we will need more.

The event this year will cover our 10 schools Basehor-Linwood, Bishop Ward, Bonner Springs, Schlagle, Piper, Sumner Academy, Turner, Washington, Wyandotte, and Harmon.

Last year we presented trophies and celebrated the success of the players, but this year, I want to go a step further.  I am hoping we can award scholorships.  I will need to research this but my vision is to make this event better every year.

We will accept all donations for the event and a full disclosure break down will be provided at the end of the ceremony for anyone that donates.  KCK Preps will in no way profit from this event.  Like with most of the work done on this site, we donate our time and effort and host this event for the right reasons.

If you missed the event last year you can watch it below.

If you feel this is something you would like to help make happen please let me know.  I will be presenting a similar sponsorship model as last year.

We appreciate any consideration.