Keys to the Wyandotte/Sumner Academy game


KCK Preps will be doing a live broadcast of tonight's Wyandotte Bulldogs vs. Sumner Academy Sabres game.

As always, here are a few things to watch for the game.

1. Sumner needs to stop the run. The Sabres have allowed nearly 300 rushing yards in both of their games so far this season. That's not going to cut it even in a pass-friendly league that we have in Kansas City, Kan. Look for Wyandotte to establish a rushing attack to take advantage.

2. Can Wyandotte's defense keep on going? The Bulldogs have allowed under 10 points in two straight games. While the competition isn't too great, it's still a nice accomplishment considering that Wyandotte hasn't done it in the four years I've covered them. They won their home opener this year for the first time in over 20 years. The defense is the biggest reason why. It's forced turnovers so far and the offense has capitalized off of them.

3. Wyandotte should keep an eye on Deon Tripp on both sides of the ball. Tripp is a great athlete who had a very nice game last week against Spring Hill. He has an interception, nearly 100 receiving yards and a touchdown. That's pretty good. If Sumner Academy is to win the game, Tripp would most likely be a big reason why. Sumner needs to get him the ball, while Wyandotte needs to prevent that.

4. Look to see if Wyandotte can continue its balance on offense. Dimonic McKinzy is (rightfully) getting a lot of the attention, but I was impressed with how the Bulldogs played smash-mouth football against Harmon last week. Coach Eddie Brown has always wanted his Bulldogs to play smash-mouth ball and we'll see it continue tonight. Again, going back to the first point: Sumner's defense will have to stop the run to have a chance tonight.

5. Sumner must prevent mistakes and force mistakes. One trademark of an upset usually is the winning team playing smarter football or the losing team playing dumb football. The Sabres have to either be mistake free tonight or their defense needs to get a couple of turnovers; or, preferably both need to happen.