Oh, and by the way, Washington's playing for a league title next week

By NICK SLOAN, NJSloan212@gmail.com

Having worked on all the recaps tonight, I discovered an amazing scenario for next week's football games.

The Washington Wildcats could claim the Kansas City Kansas - Atchison League title next week.

If Washington defeats Wyandotte at home and if Atchison can beat Schlagle in its homecoming week, the Wildcats will win the league championship.

Here's how.

Washington is already 3-0 in league play. If Washington wins and Atchison wins, Washington is 4-0 in the KCKAL and the Redmen are 3-1. Schlagle and Wyandotte would each have two losses, while Sumner Academy and Harmon are both out of the race.

However, Washington has already defeated Atchison, meaning the Wildcats could lose the season finale against Schlagle and still claim the league title.

Wyandotte will probably enter the game against Washington a medium-sized favorite against the Wildcats. Washington has improved each week, but Wyandotte has proven to be a good football team this season.

Atchison and Schlagle is a coin-flip, in my opinion. They played a pretty good game last year against each other and I think this Atchison team is better.

Here's a couple more interesting KCKAL scenarios for you to ponder:

1. If Washington and Schlagle each win, that season finale could determine a postseason spot and would crown a league champion. For a rivalry like Schlagle-Washington, that would be an awesome way to reignite one of this city's historic rivalries. Atchison and Wyandotte would have two losses, while Schlagle would have one and Washington would be undefeated.

2. If Washington loses and Schlagle wins, Wyandotte would win the league title. Wyandotte would finish the league 4-1 and would own the tiebreaker over Schlagle and Washington.

3. If Wyandotte wins and Atchison wins, you have the possibility of a three-way tie to end the league season. Washington would leave next week 3-1, Wyandotte finishes league 4-1 and Atchison would be 3-1 in league as well. If Washington beats Schlagle and Atchison beats Sumner Academy, three teams would finish 4-1 in the league. With Washington beating Atchison, Atchison beating Wyandotte and Wyandotte beating Washington under this scenario, I have no clue who would win the league title. Thus, I'm referring to this scenario as KCK Football Armageddon.

Oddly enough, Schlagle fans should be rooting for Washington to win next week. It's the only path to a league title. If Wyandotte wins next week, the Bulldogs knock the Stallions out since they own the tiebreaker.

Washington fans need Atchison to beat Schlagle at home next week to start celebrating. And of course, the Wildcats would need to win as well.

With a lot of hype on Wyandotte entering the season, the Bulldogs winning a league title shouldn't be too surprising.

Washington winning the 2012 KCKAL football crown would go down as the most surprising league champion I've covered in any sport.


Entering this year, the Wildcats were a 1-8 or 2-7 candidate. Heck, Wildcats head coach Bryan Salsgiver said 0-9 was a possibility.

Yet, they've won at least three games this season. A league title would be shocking for this team.

There's talent and heart on this year's Washington team, but a league crown would still be an amazing accomplishment considering the circumstances entering the year.

The Wildcats are a tremendous story.

If Washington somehow finishes off the league title, it would go down as one of the best Kansas City high school football stories in 2012.