Brox Power Rankings - Week 6

by David Brox,

10. Harmon (10 previous week) 0-6 (L - 14-49)

#22 Ramon Johnson stood out on film for Harmon. A bright spot in a dismal season for the Hawks. The 45 yard TD was very impressive and hopefully something for this team to rally around.

#20 Willis Garner also looked good. Finish strong!

9. Bishop Ward (9 previous week) (0-6) (L - 21-50)

Good news Bishop Ward that you scored 21 points. The bad news is that you gave up 50 to Lansing which has made some adjustments but 50? Lansing hasn't scored more than 20 in any other game this season. It may be a long day against Sumner.

8. Sumner Academy (8 previous week) 1-5 (L - 49-14)

Ok. I am not going to go off the deep end with my optimism for Sumner but Brandon Williams is starting to show a bit of swagger. He has two receivers that can go to the house so it is starting to slow down for Williams. He is making his reads and then throwing with confidence.

Deon Tripp and Jowell Daniels is far and away the best wide receiver combo in the city. Williams should cross the 1k mark throwing the ball tomorrow night.

7. Washington (6 previous week) 3-3 (L - 19-25)

I am high on Washington this week. I am really interested in seeing Washington represent. Lansing as mentioned earlier has scored 20 or less in all their games against everyone except Ward. They will come into the game with the same philosophy as you. Could be a quick game as both teams will try to grind it out on the ground.

Javeon Williams is officially on the stage now and has been over 100 yards 3 straight games and has scored a TD in each of the games. Go get it Washington or I will be eating some crow!

6. Bonner Springs (4 previous week) 3-3 (L - 11-35)

Desoto is a winnable game. The message is quite simple for Bonner Springs. You can pout about the last 3 games.  It would be simple to complain about some plays that have not gone your way against Basehor and Piper OR you can focus on the fact that you played against some excellent competition that now have you ready for district play.

I am asking Jared Knernshield, Kyle Dumler, Shawn Bryant, Tyler Howell, Travis Dooley, Mason Roberts and many other players to lock in and play the game.

I am going to challenge one of my favorite players in this city and I don't know about the personal conversations he has with his teammates.  I am asking Jordan Jackson to get in the middle of that huddle before this game starts and look in the eyes of his team and tell them they are going to make it happen tonight.

5. Basehor-Linwood (7 previous week) 3-3 (W - 35-11)

No other way to put it. This team is peaking at the right time. The philosophy is simple for this offense. You have a dominant running attack behind Andrew Lillich at LT and Drew Potter. Basehor also has one of the biggest weapons in this city in Ben Johnson.

Jeff City is 3-0 at home but are coming off a 40-6 thumping.

I will take 7-6 if it means a W. Go execute and get that W!

4. Turner (5 previous week) 4-2 (W - 28-22)

Turner could be the hottest team in the city. This team has bought into Paul Berry and are executing at a high level. The offensive line is dominating and they have a solid chance this week against Bishop Miege. It is not a secret that Paul Berry is a player of the year candidate. I am very high on this young man after that throwing performance last friday.

3. Schlagle (3 previous week) 4-2 (W - 27-20)

That game against Atchison was one of the ugliest I have seen. Losing your starting QB and one of the most explosive players in the state quite honestly could have given this group every excuse to give up. Trevon Wallace however established himself as a top tier player in the city. The Terminator!

I am tired of hearing what Schlagle can't do this week against Mill Valley. I have watched plenty of Mill Valley film and Windmiller is just as good if not better than McKinzy at Wyandotte.

TJ Wallace, Stephan McIntosh, DJ Sayles, Derrick Gibbs, Deante Ambler, Corey Smith and Keyaun Burke. I have worked with many of you young men this summer. I saw the sweat and I saw the team work. I know you have it in you to shock everyone.

Just like Jordan Jackson I want to see J'Veyon Browning do the exact same thing. Tell your team they can do it. Look in their eye and make sure they believe.

I believe!

2. Piper (1 previous week) 4-2 (L - 18-56)

There is no way to spin 56 points, even against Mill Valley.  That however is in the past now and I know where the focus is for this team and that is a playoff run.  Atchison is no push over but was very effective last week in shooting themselves in the foot.  I don't know if Piper would be so lucky to have Atchison go for it on their own 15. 

I would declare Piper the favorite but again think this will be a slugfest.

1. Wyandotte (2 previous week) 5-1 (W - 25-19)

First and foremost I want to say congrats to the Bulldogs for winning a league title.  The performance against Washington showed a lot of poise.  I loved the no huddle offense and really think it eventually wore down the defense of Washington.  This team has legit weapons.  I very much enjoy watching Antonio Moore, Mario Garcia and Dimonic Roden-McKinzy. 

We aren't saying much about Abernathy on this defense but this young man is a difference maker.  Lock for the All KCK Preps Team in my opinion.  Dimonic Roden-McKinzy and Mario Garcia are rocks at the CB position and Vann is a solid safety.  That secondary is one of the best we have in the city.

Lawrence Free State is also 5-1 so no favors the first week in districts. 

Wyandotte you have a solid team and are well coached.  Play your game and use that speed to your advantage.  You have play makers on this team and have no reason to fear anyone.  Trust me when they see the speed they are in fear of you.

Good luck to all KCK teams this week.  All that work over the summer is for now.  A big part of my goal for the work outs was to elevate the games of the players in this city to get our teams in the playoffs.  We get on the map when we start knocking down the doors of the perception that this is not a football city.  This state doesn't want KCK in the playoffs. 

Take your seat at the table.