COMMENTARY: Kansas State Provides Genuine Excitement

by David Brox,

I was 9 years old when the Kansas City Royals won the World Series in 1985 and I can say I have some fond memories of the feeling associated with your team winning a championship. 

You see I take being a fan seriously.  Some people call it bandwagon climbing and jumping but I call it "team adultery".  Nothing disgusts me more than a man bouncing around from team to team.  These individuals should be called "floppers" instead of fans.  

I am a home town guy as I cheer for the Royals, Chiefs and upon my arrival at Kansas State in 1994 the Kansas State Wildcats.  The Royals again won a championship in my lifetime but only a fool would think this would happen again.  I think the Cubs have a better shot at making that happen before the Royals.  I won't go into all the details of why the Royals are so bad but this article is written to say as a "fan" there is no jumping ship.

If you ever wonder why my hair is so grey you can look no further than One Arrowhead Drive and the Kansas City Chiefs.  This team has tormented me since 1989 when I first became a fan of the squad.  This was the same year that the Marty ball era began.  Year after year we were shown the carrot but its no secret we ended up being Charlie Brown swinging the kick and missing.

<video courtesy of youtube>

Looking back on being a Chiefs fan I feel a lot like Charlie Brown but even today I will go and root for my team.  I will sit in my grossly over priced season tickets and will surely wonder why I bother but I digress.

My point of this article is that I officially declare that I am going to run toward that kick full steam when it comes to my Wildcats this season.  Anyone that knows me personally will confirm that I bleed purple and not since the heart break of 98 have I been so excited about one of my teams.

I will admit that Kansas State's trip to the Elite 8 a few years back was an emotional ride.  I was at the edge of my seat through out that tournament but obviously we fell short.  That team was good but I didn't have a sense of invinsibility I have with this football team led by Colin Klien.

1998 was a nightmare and I remember it well.  Miami led by Edgerrin James beat an undefeated UCLA squad and it was all lined out.  With a win over Texas A&M my team would play for a national title and have a legit chance to win it. Micheal Bishop and the Wildcats were up 18 in the 4th quarter when my heart was ripped out just like Johnny Cage in Mortal Combat. 

Could this be the year?  After my track record as a fan I have learned to use coach speak pretty well.  We will take it one week at a time and focus solely on what we can control.  I can't wait for OSU this weekend.

The hook is set and at least for another week Kansas State is providing genuine excitement.