Game Highlights Piper vs Sumner Academy

by David Brox,

I ran a lot of scenerios for the game through my head and this honestly was not one of them.  48-13 Piper over Sumner Academy. 

Piper had 27 carries for 492 yards and 7 TD's and put on a blocking clinic Thursday night.  Matt McDonald 6 carries 130 yards and 2 TD's set the pace for the Pirates who never looked back.

Sumner was not void of big plays in the first half, the Sabres were in the red zone on 3 occassions and walked away with no points.  Jowell Daniels had a long reception, Brian Cobbins a rushing play, and Andre Faison on a kick return.  The biggest difference in Piper's big plays and Sumner's was the speed to finish the runs into the endzone.

Last night illustrated the importance of being not only big but strong up front.  I know I haven't mentioned this young man but #75 Jonathan Ortiz is listed at 6'6 285 and plays LT for the Pirates.  Brannen Murphy is a senior listed at 6'3 285.  Contrast that to Sumner's tallest offensive lineman coming in at 6'4 230 pounds.  It creates mismatches like this.

Couple the size difference with poor tackling and defensive scheme and you have a train wreck like we saw last night.

Here is a look at my preview from yesterday and how the game played out.

1. Can Martin and Beebe get to Brandon Williams? 

You would have to say mission accomplished here for Piper.  Williams completed 5 passes and took a few sacks in that first half.

2. Tanner Eickenbary will have to keep an eye on Deon Tripp. 

This didn't turn out to be a factor at all.  I think I saw Eickenbary only attempted 2 passes.  For those doing math at home that is a total of 29 plays for Piper.

3. How does Piper react to adversity? 

We will find out in the first round of the playoffs.

4. Can Sumner get off to a fast start?

"You simply do not want Piper to get their running game going to control the game." 

5. Piper's secondary vs Sumner WR's is very intriguing to me. 

Daniels got a nice play against Cofield in the first quarter.  This matchup obviously didn't materialize with the score the way it turned out.

6. To say Sumner struggles stopping the run is an understatement. 

I won't beat a dead horse.

7. Sumner should pass to setup the run. 

This was not a factor.