Game Preview Lansing vs Schlagle

by David Brox,

This preview will follow a different format than what I did last night. Get the print button ready to go and make space on all available Lansing bulletin boards because I am about to fill it up.

Prediction Schlagle 27 Lansing 13

1.  How does Lansing handle the Schlagle 4-3 front? 

Lansing is excited about how competitive they have been the last 3 games against Piper, Ward and Washington all of which play a 3-4 defense.  The biggest factor to consider when you run a 3-4 is having a nose tackle that first and foremost commands a double team.  If you leave your guards free to get on your linebackers then you will have some natural creases that Lucas Mein and Lions have been able to exploit the last few ball games.  I look for the Stallion defense to present some new fronts that the Lions will have to adjust to.

2. Who will show up in the trenches?

Both teams want to run the ball.  So obviously there are going to be some battles on the inside.  Lansing comes to the table with Chase Taylor who is 6'3 300 pounds.  He plays LT and on the defensive line.  Look for the matchup with him and TJ Wallace for Schlagle.  Who ever is winning this battle will give a good indication on who is winning the game.

3.  Lucas Mein is red hot. 

No pun intended to the Lions who wear red but this young man has been a moster for this team.  The Schlagle defense will have to wrap up and hit hard.  Mein is a guard for the basketball team as well and is listed at 5'11 175.  Trevon Wallace will be the player to watch when Mein handles the ball.  If Wallace is able to blow him up in the back field that will be a good sign for the Stallions.

4.  Schlagle's gamble.

This is totally my opinion and I am sure you will never get anyone to admit this but Schlagle rested up for this game.  Mill Valley even with Browning and Sayles playing was going to be a challenge for the Stallions.  Your best offensive player was recovering from an injury the previous week along with your offensive and defensive back field captain DJ Sayles.  Why let a talented Jaguar squad bang away at two of your best players with 2 games to go?  So they are rested and hopefully pretty hungry after starving on the sideline last week in street cloths.

5.  Schlagle's revenge.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.  I want the seniors to think back 1 year when you traveled to Lansing and lost.  Remember how your felt at that moment and the vow you made to yourselves, teammates and fans.  Tonight you can wipe all that pain away against a team I know you can beat.

6.  Lansing has struggled with speed.

Cole Holloway, Paul Berry, Jordan Jackson, Drew Potter and Matt McDonald all gorged themselves against Lansing on the ground.  J'Veyon Browning who is still the most explosive player we cover has a napkin stuffed down the front of his shirt.  Bless this food and may it nourish the score board a plenty.