KCK Preps Broadcast - Special Game of the Week

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

Friday October 24th will be a big day for KCK Preps as we will team up with a production team that will take our broadcasting ability to the next level.  If we are successful with this broadcast we will look to duplicate the effort at Piper on Tuesday evening for their opening playoff game.

We will have the stream available on KCK Preps so please join us live tomorrow starting at 6:30 for what I am sure will be a great product. 

The features will include in game replays, multiple camera angles, and a scoreboard.  I have seen the output and the equipment and it is impressive. 

We will be live starting around 6:30 PM for Schlagle vs Washington.  A pregame you will not want to miss.  We will discuss the game at hand but will also focus on the other games in the area.  So before tuning into your game of choice, check us out.

Vernon will be out this week so I will be joined by Jarius Jones in the booth.  Nick and I will join Moses Wyatt for pregame and halftime discussions.  We are also looking to get Nick from the sideline to talk about what he is seeing down on the field.

Next level!