KCK Preps Game Highlights - Washington vs Schlagle

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

I will need to figure out how I go about getting the full production posted.  We are however talking about 3 hours of footage so that may prove difficult.  It would be a task to just put the game play in but again I will see what can be done.

For now however I would like to share some highlights from the broadcast Friday night.  A shout out to Jarius Jones, Moses Wyatt, Todd Henderson and his crew.  There are going to be improvements as this gets established but it was a good first run. 

KCK Preps will collaborate with Todd Henderson and crew Tuesday night for the Piper vs Jeff West game.  As you can see from the highlights below the production and quality are top notch and we will develop into providing our coverage area a professional product that you can be proud of.  Vernon Birmingham will be back in town to join me in the booth Tuesday night.

There will likely be a couple of broadcast teams for this production and when ever KCK Preps gets the call we will look to provide the best coverage possible.

Just for the record.  It was cold!!!