KCK Preps Game of the Week - Piper Pirates

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

If you didn't get to tune in last night I hope that you can join us Tuesday night.  I am extremely excited at the potential of KCK Preps teaming with Todd Henderson and his production team.  This collaboration has a lot of potential.  The new setup provides multiple camera views, in game replays, scoreboard, and live on camera pre, halftime, and postgame discussions.  We were also able to grab coach Wesley at the half to get an interview.

The capabilities and possibilities are endless and I will work to help make the production and most importantly the content as professional as possible.

I will work to get a replay made available.  The broadcast will be replayed on the KCKPS broadcast channel 18 next week.  I again will provide a means for our readers to see what KCK Preps may bring to your school.

I have had the opportunity to speak a lot with Todd Henderson leading up to last nights broadcast.  He has a lot of passion and fire about this type of presentation for the athletics in KCK.  I recognize what this production can do to enhance what Nick, Vernon and I are trying to do for the athletes in our area.

I love a line a few years back made by Dick Vermiel who was coaching the St Louis Rams at the time when Trent Green was injured.  "We will rally behind Kurt Warner."  I myself rallied around Kurt Warner on my fantasy team that year and things worked out well.

KCK Preps will rally behind the Piper Pirates.  Tanner Eickenbary, Paul Jones, Keaton Cofield, Sean Eskina, Blake Martin, Colton Beebe, and Matt McDonald are hopefully going to lead Piper on a deep run in the playoffs.