KCK Preps Horror Highlights and District Overview - Schlagle

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

I will keep the Horror Highlight theme for Schlagle's game against Atchison.  I bet it was pretty scary at times for the coaching staff seeing DJ Sayles and J'Veyon Browning out of the line up for most of the second half and overtime.

Schlagle has a competitive district to say the least.  I don't know if this will benefit them or not but all 3 Schlagle games in district play will be at Washington.

Mill Valley is the first and biggest test for the Stallions.  After watching the film of the Atchison game I can tell you right now Schlagle will get eaten alive if they arm tackle.  You have D1 talent on this Mill Valley squad and you are going to have to be sound on defense. 

The defense will also have to give plenty of looks to Windmiller.  I would really like to see the Schlagle players moving around before the snap.  If you give him a single look he will pick you apart.  I look for a lot of cat and mouse between him and Trevon Wallace.

Lansing is starting to improve behind the Sophomore QB Krystian Abbott and a real play maker in Lucas Mein.  Schlagle will have revenge on the mind after losing against Lansing last season.  Lansing has a single win against Ward and gave up 21 points to them.  This could possibly be a must win game and it would be a disappointment if they don't get this win at home.

Then we could have a playoff birth on the line against the Washington Wildcats.  This could be one of the fastest games of the season.  The battle of J'veyon and Javeon!  Watch the Washington vs Lansing score Friday night.  If Washington wins you can bet KCK Preps will be at that game to see how it turns out.