2012 All-Kaw Valley League Team - OFFENSE

By NICK SLOAN, NJSloan212@gmail.com

The Kaw Valley League has released its all-league football team.

Below are those players who made the offensive team. We'll post the defense later this afternoon.


QB - Skyler Windmiller, Mill Valley
RB - Drew Potter, Basehor-Linwood
RB - Matt McDonald, Piper
TE - Ben Johnson, Basehor-Linwood
WR - Staton Rebeck, Mill Valley
WR - Paul Jones, Piper
OL - Andrew Lillich, Basehor-Linwood
OL - Coleman McCann, Mill Valley
OL - Blake Martin, Piper
OL - Joe Jerome, Mill Valley
OL - Sam Worthy, Turner
K - Connor Mills, Mill Valley


QB - Tanner Eikenbary, Piper
RB - Lucas Mein, Lansing
RB - Cole Holloway, Tonganoxie
TE - Maverek Dearinger, Piper
WR - Khalil Bailey, Lansing
WR - L.J. Hatch, Mill Valley
OL - Josh Barnes, Basehor-Linwood
OL - Jesus Manarca, Bishop Ward
OL - Shawn Bryant, Bonner Springs
OL - Chase Taylor, Lansing
OL - Coltyn Gatton, Mill Valley
OL - Thomas Miller, Tonganoxie
K - Jose Mejia, Piper


QB - Jordan Jackson, Bonner Springs
QB - Paul Berry, Turner
RB - Kendall Short, Mill Valley
TE - Thad Marshall, Lansing
TE - Zach Hanna, Mill Valley
WR - Jonathan Blackwell, Bonner Springs
WR - Shane Levy, Tonganoxie
OL - Jacob Frederick, Turner
OL - Jay O'Bryan, Basehor-Linwood
OL - Andrew Kump, Bishop Ward
OL - Jacob Wylie, Bonner Springs
OL - Drew Goebel, Lansing
OL - Knute Holden, Mill Valley
OL - Evan Applegate, Mill Valley
OL - Jonathan Ortiz, Piper
OL - Blake, Knetter, Piper
K - Jason VanMaren, Bonner Springs
K - Brad Brown, Lansing
K - Eric Tate, Tonganoxie