COMMENTARY: Stats can help shape all-league teams, help with recruiting


I really wish I could be a fly on the wall for these votes for the all-league teams.  If I knew the criteria, then it would eliminate some of the need to critique what is presented. 

We put our team together so I can definitely appreciate the difficulty in getting multiple people to decide.

When evaluating the talent for this team, are they only looking at league games? 

Numbers don't lie and not having the numbers is simply not good.  I try to avoid being critical but some things need to be said.

Three schools out of six used Maxpreps or some other source to share the players stats.  Sumner's staff does an excellent job of updating their information.  Atchison is a close second.  Schlagle was slow at times but got everything done in the end. 

I get that this is not the highest priority in the world, but it does help get these young men more exposure.  The biggest issue with not having good stats is that it is easily delegated.  Some schools enlist help from parents to track and update this information.

Washington did provide their offensive numbers at the end of the season.

I got a couple of emails and comments about Harmon, who we all know struggled this season.  I can't offer a single glimmer of positive news because there are no stats behind it.  I did see some things on film that I highlighted - but that was about it.

Wyandotte is the opposite end of the spectrum.  A great step forward for the program winning league, and I would tend to agree with Dimonic McKinzy as the player of the year, but stats help make cases.

I have no idea if Wyandotte's Antonio Moore or Wyandotte's Mario Garcia had big enough years to beat out Sumner Academy's Jowell Daniels at receiver.  I did see both of these young men live and know Garcia made a huge impact at receiver - but again, final numbers don't lie. 

I don't believe numbers could have possibly been discussed because 20 receptions for 277 yards and 3 TD's is not greater than 38 for 566 and 6 TD's.

Completely forget anything that we specifically here at KCK Preps try to get done with the numbers.  I know for a fact that numbers are reviewed by other sites and tracked.  We 100 percent want to have the numbers in any system so they are available for colleges and other media outlets.

Fictional example:

A college recruiter is sitting at his desk and gets an email of a link to a video.  Antonio Moore just blew up and had 4 TD's in four different phases of the game.  The recruiter wants to go look this young sophomore up and see his stats from 2012.  But nothing is available.  Now two things can happen at this point.  Yes, they can take the step to call the coach for the numbers or simply move on to the next email in the list. 

It's a possible missed opportunity. 

I will not say "great job" that we have 7 out of 10 schools updating this information.  I need all 10.  This is again is an easy delegation to a parent or assistant.  Talk to schools like Sumner and Piper about what they are doing so we can replicate it all over KCK.  I will be happy to host a meeting if that will help.

I respect and appreciate the time and effort of each and every coach in our area.  I hope that it is clear I have the best of intentions with my support for the teams. 

We will put that on display December 15th at 10 a.m., as we will present 47 trophies for the accomplishments of these young men on the field. 

I need this valuable bit of information to help continue our path forward.