KCK Preps Broadcast - 38 The Spot

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

I would like to call to action our readers, followers and friends for a special opportunity with the KCK Preps Broadcast. 

I had the pleasure of joining Todd Henderson in a meeting with KSHB 41 who also handles programming for 38 The Spot.  Our pitch is simple that we have a production we put together for the KCK area high schools covered by KCK Preps.  We would like 38 The Spot to replay these games on Saturday mornings. 

One excellent idea was to have a high school game be on right before their Big 12 coverage.  I would really like to see this broadcast go to the next level, which is for it to land on your TV screens at home.  It puts more eyes on KCK, the schools and most importantly the young men participating.  I could go on for a while talking about the positives of this possibility.

So my ask is simple.  I need you to tweet, share on facebook, email and personally take action to help our case with KSHB.  They have a means to contact them and I would like the contact from our readers to be consistent to show our numbers and desire to see this happen.

Topic - 38 The Spot Programming

Subject - KCK Preps Game of the Week

Comments - You can put what ever you like about our site and the coverage that is provided by KCK Preps.  But mainly express that you would love to see the games on 38 The Spot on Saturday mornings.

So just like we have done with helping vote winners of the team of the week award, we need to hammer this site. 

We can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.
—Booker T. Washington. 

Please help us and do your part.  Your support is appreciated.