KCK Preps Fall Award Ceremony 2012

By David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

I am very happy to announce that December 15th KCK Preps will hosts its second annual Fall Award Ceremony.  The location will be the same at the Legends Phoenix Theater.  I am very glad that I found this location because it allows us to put the young men on display on the big screen.

Every player named to the All KCK Preps Team will receive a trophy.  Any player nominated for an individual award will obviously be on the team so we will not have any young men attending and walking away empty handed.

The team and awards are voted on and decided by Nick Sloan, Vernon Birmingham and myself.  We are still discussing tie breakers.  I can discuss some finalist for our top award.

(NOTE: Players from Kansas City, Kan., and Basehor-Linwood are eligible for the ceremony. Other Kaw Valley League schools outside of KCK are not included.)

Offensive POY Finalist:

J'Veyon Browning (Schlagle)

Paul Berry (Turner) 

Dimonic Roden-McKinzy (Wyandotte)

Defensive POY Finalist:

Colton Beebe (Piper)

Trevon Wallace (Schlagle)

Keaton Cofield (Piper)

Coach of the Year Finalist:

Bryan Salsgiver (Washington)

Eddie Brown (Wyandotte)

Chris Brindle (Piper)

Top Prospect Award

Game of the Year Award

Play of the Year Award

All KCK Preps Team Offense:

QB - Dimonic Roden-McKinzy (Wyandotte)
QB - Paul Berry (Turner)
RB - J'Veyon Browning (Schlagle)
RB - Matt McDonald (Piper)
RB - Drew Potter (Basehor-Linwood)
FB - Marvin Bowens (Washington)
WR - Lloyd Stanfield (Washington)
WR - Jowell Daniels (Sumner)
TE/WR - Ben Johnson (Basehor-Linwood)
OL - Andrew Lillich (Basehor-Linwood)
OL - Brannen Murphy (Piper)
OL - Sam Worthy (Turner)
OL - Louis Holiman (Wyandotte)
OL - TJ Wallace (Schlagle)
OL - Kyle Dumler (Bonner Springs)

All KCK Preps Team Defense:

DB - Keaton Cofield (Piper)
DB - Dalton Hays (Piper)
DB - Kwasi Vann (Wyandotte)
DB - Dimonic Roden-McKinzy (Wyandotte)
DB - Bryan Barnhart (Bishop Ward)
LB - Trevon Wallace (Schlagle)
LB - Blake Martin (Piper)
LB - Colton Beebe (Piper)
LB - Shawn Bryant (Bonner Springs)
LB - Jake Phillips (Basehor-Linwood)
DL - Demetris Abernathy (Wyandotte)
DL - Tyler Howell (Bonner Springs)
DL - Derrick Gibbs (Schlagle)
DL - TJ Wallace (Schlagle)
DL - Ben Johnson (Basehor-Linwood)

All KCK Preps Special Teams:

K - Jose Mejia (Piper)
P - Andrew Schneider (Ward)
PR - Antonio Moore (Wyandotte)
KR - Paul Jones (Piper)


We have some sponsors but need more!!  If you would like to help support this annual event please reach out to me.