KCK Preps Game Highlights - Chanute vs Piper

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

I did something a little different in the highlights.  These are the top plays from both teams in order.  So our full game broadcast coverage was over 3 hours.  This the 5 minute view of the game.


The Piper defense had 7 or 8 sacks in the game.  I thought they would get 3 or more but that was obviously on the conservative side.

Sean Eskina's catch on the side line was fantastic!

Colton Beebe is really starting to establish himself at the FB position.  Blocking and carrying the ball he is going to be a force.  Sorry KCK but he is here for 2 more years.  Sky is the limit for this young man.  D1 programs should be checking this young man out now!

Piper was able to get this victory minus one of their top offensive performers.  You will see McDonald get a run in the highlight but he saw very few carries Friday.  Tanner Eickenbary, Paul Jones, Dion Saunders and Beebe all stepped up on the offense.

Chanute's top running back was limited in the game.  Kisner appeared to hobble off the field a few times during the game.

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