KCK Preps Game of the Week - Piper vs Chanute

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

KCK Preps is working to broadcast the game Friday night in Piper.  I reached out to the state and am very optimistic we will be allowed to air the game.

Todd Henderson is on board to come back out this week to broadcast the game with us so please look forward to a very good production if you are unable to attend the game in person.


I got my first look at Chanute over the weekend and they obviously have some high scoring potential ringing up 50 points in their game.  They run a spread offense which features a 6'4" QB and a bruising RB.  I would compare them to Mill Valley in terms of style. 

Piper's defense was special saturday against Baldwin led by Keaton Cofield's 2 INT's.  Tanner Eickenbary had a very solid game for Piper to compliment the running attack.  Piper had 2 RB's over 76 yards.  Piper is strong is all 3 phases and will be a tough out for any team.

I can't wait!!

Sponsorship Opportunities:

A production like this doesn't come without costs and there will be fees associated with the state to broadcast the game so if you would be interested in a donation or sponsorship for the event please let me know.  We will be happy to acknowledge your business or contribution on air. 

Any donation over 25 dollars will receive a DVD copy of the production. 

Any donation over 50 dollars will receive a DVD copy of the Piper vs Jeff West game in addition to the Piper vs Chanute broadcast. 

Any donation over 100 dollars will receive the same DVD's and a commercial spot on the broadcast.  I can help create the ad for free or you can provide one too me.

I would like to ask all of our readers to tweet, like and share this post to help get the word out.  KCK Preps is looking for partners in the community to team up and help us continue to improve what we provide for the athletes in KCK.