KCK Preps Game of the Week - Piper vs Eudora

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

I am a loyal Chiefs and Royals fan and anyone that knows me a die hard K-Stater.  So obviously it has been a while since legit championship fever has struck the Brox house hold.  Enter the Piper Pirates and Kansas State Wildcats and I have to say this has been a true breath of fresh air for me.

I thought before the game that Gilmore's happy feet in the pocket would create some opportunities for the fast defense of Piper to get some sacks and they didn't disappoint.  I said at least 3 and the Pirates laughed at me getting at 8 or more on the night.

I want to acknowledge and thank our sponsors for their support for the broadcast.  A Cut Above beauty salon, a donation on behalf of the Piper Youth Football Program and in the name of the Piper senior class, and Kansas City Mechanical, INC.

I had a great conversation with Chad Rader from 810 varisty and we will look to team up to broadcast the game against Eudora.  Todd Henderson is on board with packing up the truck to head to Eudora and I obviously want to be apart of the broadcast.  Vernon Birmingham will not be available next week.  Rader has a person in mind and we will share that name later.

We will be once again pursing sponsors for the broadcast.  We will be able to offer some incentives as we did for the last matchup.

We will have DVD copies of Jeff West and Chanute available for donations towards the production.  I have a number of people that will be getting a copy of Chanute with their sponsorship for the game and I am committed to selling individual copies of Jeff West for 10 dollars.  I would like to thank Jeremy Martin who helped take orders for that game.

Chanute copies will sell for a minimum donation of $15 dollars.  Proceeds to be used toward the broadcast costs against Eudora.  Copies of Jeff West and Chanute as a package will be a minimum donation of $25.  I am still available to create ads for your business or simply acknowledge your contribution during the broadcast.

Below is the ad created for A Cut Above.

It is 100% my intention to create some relationships with local businesses and KCK Preps.  The broadcast had some bumps last night but I hope everyone can see the quality.  I am not interested in just letting you see the game.  I want to provide knowledgable conversation about the teams we are covering and hopefully businesses would want to team up with us to help push that vision forward.  Couple this with the professional production provided by Todd Henderson's group and I see a lot of potential.

More details to come.  I want to again thank Doug Key and the administration at Piper for the hospitality.  An even bigger thank you to the coaches and players.  This has truly been fun and again history is made when you are done.  2 MORE!!