KCK Preps Prospect - Cole Holloway (Tonganoxie)

By DAVID BROX, davidbrox@shuckc.com

I am always a fan of comparing our high school players to people in the NFL.  My favorite comparison was J'Veyon Browning to Jamaal Charles.

There is another one that popped into my head while working on Tonganoxie Chieftains running back Cole Holloway's highlights.  At 5'5, he is not very tall, but the young man has great balance and lower body strength to stay on his feet.

He reminds me of Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jaguars.

I am not saying that these comparisons mean that these young men are headed to the NFL.  I am just saying their strengths pattern after these great players.  At their level, they are able to find success using these skill sets. 

He carried the ball over 250 times without missing a game to injury.  The more important stat I liked from Holloway is only one recorded fumble lost.  His 1,271 yards led the KVL and he was no doubt the leader for a Tonganoxie team that went two games deep in the 4A playoffs this season.

Check out Holloway's 2012 highlights.