KCK Preps Prospect - Colton Beebe (Piper)

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

Colton Beebe is one of the final 3 finalists for Defensive POY at KCK Preps.  His primary strength is LB but his overall versitility is rare in an athlete his age.

Playing LB he has a nose for the football and is a sure tackler, which is evident with over 100 tackles on the season.  He is consistently disecting and making plays in the backfield.  He doesn't shed blocks, he runs through them and you will see that through out his film.

He can also put his hand down and play on the DL.  The very first play of his highlight can not illustrate that more as he penetrates into the backfield to generate a TO.  What we don't know yet is how much more he will grow on top of the work he puts in the weight room.  I will say this a few times that as a Sophomore he is man handling his opponents.

As a runner he does a good job of staying north and south.  Little wasted movements from Beebe as he picks up yardage on the ground.  We obviously focused a lot of Matt McDonald out of the backfield for Piper but Beebe was able to pile up over 500 yards and 3 TD's on the ground.  Sprinkle in some receptions out of the TE and FB postion and you have a reliable safety valve.

The other key role of the FB is blocking.  We talk alot about what a good offensive line can do for your RB's but Beebe solidified an already stout front line from Piper this year.  Again the film speaks for itself.  FB's don't usually get 3 blocks in a single play but Beebe has plays this season where he can stake claim to multiple pancake blocks.

I am not done because he played a big role in the playoffs for Piper with his right leg.  Yes Beebe did a very nice job and sometimes great in the kicking game.  He averaged 32.49 a punt and 7 of his 31 kicks were inside the 20 (going into the last game) including a 70 bomb against Chanute.

Any player can use more speed and this will determine what level of program Beebe will land at in 2015.  I think his size and strength will be there but his lateral movement and quickness is the next evolution for Beebe going into next season.  He is incredibly stout up the middle but will need that quickness to pursue the edges against the run.

Check out the 2012 highlights for Sophomore Colton Beebe (Piper).