KCK Preps Prospect - Wyatt Weeks (Tonganoxie)

By DAVID BROX, davidbrox@shukc.com

There has been a lot of chatter the past few days about Tonganoxie and their running game.

Nick Sloan made a case for Cole Holloway to be named to the First Team Kaw Valley League squad.  I was a little vocal in my disagreement because of the number of carries that it took Holloway and team to get those yards.

The bottom line is that Tonganoxie was a running team and many squads at the high school and college level make a living running the ball.

However, a team that runs the ball as much as Tonganoxie struggles to pass the ball when needed. This is not a slight to the quarterback, lineman or anyone else on the team.  If your game plan is to run and your opponent in turn make you pass, then no doubt you will struggle.

Case in point are my Kansas State Wildcats.  Sure Colin Klien can throw when his team has established itself on the ground.  But as we witnessed - painfully I might add - when he got behind and threw the ball 50 times, he ended up with three interceptions.

I was very impressed with Holloway's response to all of the talk. 

"I appreciate all the compliments that everybody has given me but football is also a team sport and my teammates deserve all the credit too."

That is a leader, teammate and no doubt a friend talking there.

One of the team members that rolled his sleeves up and fought every step of the way with Holloway is Wyatt Weeks.  He is a junior tight-end that is very tenacious.

Despite just 4 receptions for 83 yards, he contributed on a line that rushed for over 1800 yards.

Check out his 2012 highlights.