KCK Preps Prospect - Tanner Eikenbary (Piper)

By DAVID BROX, davidbrox@shukc.com

Tanner Eikenbary had a strong junior season and achieved second team All-KVL honors as the quarterback for the Piper Pirates.  Couple that with a regional championship and he has the record to establish himself as a real player to watch in the class of 2014.

I don't know that any other quarterback in the state of Kansas moves as much as Eikenbary.  He rolls right, left and has a strong enough arm to make throws on the move.

I didn't realize just how effective he was in keeping plays alive.  Several times this season, he was able to shed a tackler, reset and make a quality throw.  His improvisation was a big key to the success at Piper whether he chose to run or makes the throw.

Eikenbary will need to get his completion percentage up and cut down on the interceptions.  He will no doubt be on the combines and camp circuit this season. 

He will definitely be one of the 2014 players from KCK that will participate in the Next Up event we have coming up in June.