Media Day Technical Issues

by David Brox,

I first want to thank the coaches and players for taking the time out on a Sunday evening to join us for this event. I enjoy talking basketball and the coaches and players did a good job. We want to hear from coaches more and more but also afford the young men the opportunity to do some public speaking.

For those that did tune in I have to apologize for the beginning of the broadcast. We had some internet challenges that I got worked out as Basehor was leaving the stage. I record the broadcast online so I have to rely on the internet connection.

So there is good and bad news for the first 3 schools (Piper, Bishop Ward, Basehor). The good news is that there is some footage of each of the teams. The bad news is as I got disconnected it created gaps in the footage.

Piper Clips:

Bishop Ward Clips:

Basehor-Linwood Clips:

All other schools that attended are included in the clip below.

I will institute a fail safe for future events to record it manually with a seperate camera.  If there are any questions please let me know.