Washington-Wyandotte game to be held at Sprint Center

Some big news coming today for three of the schools inside the Kansas City Kansas - Atchison League.

The Washington Wildcats and Wyandotte Bulldogs will be playing its regularly-scheduled game on January 21, 2013 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo. The two long-time KCK rivals will compete across state-lines.

Meanwhile, Harmon will take on Hogan Prep earlier in the morning.

Full Schedule here:

      9:00am – Hogan Prep vs. Harmon
    10:30am – North Kansas City vs. Staley (GIRLS)
    12:00pm – Lincoln Prep vs. St. Teresa’s Academy (GIRLS)
    1:30pm – Northeast vs. East
    3:00pm – Lincoln Prep vs. Central
    4:30pm – Wyandotte vs. Washington
    6:00pm – Grandview vs. Rockhurst
    7:30pm – Raytown South vs. Raytown