Pirates football team leads the way in awards

Eight different Piper Pirates football players earned awards at last weekend's KCK Preps Awards Presentation. Head coach Chris Brindle and linebacker Colton Beebe took home two of the top three awards.

PHOTOS: KCK Preps Awards ceremony

Check out some photos from last weekend's awards show at The Legends Theatre in KCK!

Prospect Profile: Tanner Eikenbary (Piper)

Here's a look at Piper Pirates quarterback Tanner Eikenbary.

KCK Preps Prospect: Kendall Short, Mill Valley

Despite missing nearly half the season, Mill Valley Jaguars running back Kendall Short finished with over 700 yards of total offense and 12 touchdowns.

Ryan Shaffer Injury - Basehor

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

I wanted to follow up on an injury to guard Ryan Shaffer for Basehor.  I did not want to speculate during the broadcast but did want to follow up today.  I have gotten word that he did dislocate his elbow and was taken to the hospital.  He is fine now and will be visiting an ortho doctor to determine his status for the rest of the season.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

KCK Preps Game of the Week - January 25th

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

Never sleep!  We have to keep pressing forward and we must keep moving as the KCK Preps Game of the Week will have a short week and I am honestly thinking we may consider a couple of games a week.  I was very happy with how last nights game came out that I feel I can prepare for another game on short notice.

I want to send a note of thanks to a few individuals and companies that have taken advantage of the free commercial creation and initally free airing of that commercial during our broadcast.

D&E Renovations - David Middleton
Gateway Mortgage Group - Marlon Mitchell
Fre$h Karma - Armand Brisbane
Cupcake Diva of Kansas City - Natilie Purnell
Brian Young who provides tax services

If you are in the market for any of these services remember that these individuals are friends of the site and community.  So definitely reach out if you are in need. 

If you are a local business and are interested in teaming up the advertising is extremely fair and again I am providing the service of the ad creation for free to help get things going.  Please email me with any questions.

The only thing that will force me to switch from this game is if Metro Sports decides to cover the game on TV but KCK Preps Game of the Week is planning to come back to the Wash House!  There are not going to be many games noted that matchup to Washington vs Sumner.  I just finished talking with Coach Parra and assuming I can get away from work I will be going to Sumner's practice to do the introduction videos.

I have a line out to Washington to see if I can swing by their practice as well.  It just took a few minutes at Basehor so I will not be a huge distraction.

I know that we mentioned the ability to vote for the Game of the Week but I apologize now that I am going to back off that and set the games.  My goal is to cover most of the KCK schools this year by hitting the top games of this year.  If this grows with advertising and sponsorship the plan is to broadcast not just 1 game but a few at a time.  The grand plan would be that we have the equipment and staff to broadcast all of our games.

I have big plans for this so please everyone just bare with me and tune in.  KCK Preps will be the only site dedicated to broadcasting KCK Preps' 10 schools and your support is going to be very important.

Another announcement.  I don't know the firm date of when the game takes place but we will be broadcasting Basehor vs Bonner.  I hate I missed this first matchup.  I do have to find out from Bonner if our broadcast is going to be an issue with them.  I believe that they broadcast their games.  Vernon Birmingham was able to speak to the guys at Harmon and they did not express a concern with us doing a Harmon game.

All your feedback is welcome.  All your suggestions are welcome.  Watching the replays is just as important as Tuning in live.  It all helps.

KCK Preps GET HYPE! Play of the Game

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

I am setting a rule that a KCK team will always get our GET HYPE!  Play of the Game.  Anyone would concede that Ojeleye was the player of the game and I will post some of his highlights as well but I will be a homer on this subject and pick this buzzer beater for our Play of the Game.  This play is brought to you by D&E Renovations.

Congratulations to the Bulldogs

By NICK SLOAN, NJSloan212@gmail.com

Last Sunday, I published a harsh column about the Wyandotte Bulldogs basketball program.

It was definitely harsh, but at the same time, pointed out the truth - the Bulldogs season was awful. Wyandotte was 0-9 at the time of that column, coming off embarrassing home losses to Sumner Academy and Washington.

This week, the Bulldogs responded - and I'm proud of them.

They played Blue Valley North, perhaps the best team in the State of Kansas, and lost big. The margin was around 30 - and BVN has blown out teams worse. They only had one bad quarter in that game.

They beat Bishop Seabury and then Harmon, two teams that are maybe underachieving this season, but both have talent.

Congratulations are in order to the student-athletes on the team. You guys played with fire, heart, emotion and displayed why people had the right to be disappointed in the start to the season.

There's no way Wyandotte should have been 0-9 - or at least their scoring margin should have been a lot better.

However, here's my next message.


Build upon these wins. Take care of business against Atchison and sweep them. Beat Harmon on the road later in the year.

Compete with Washington at Wash House and perhaps pull an upset. The same with Sumner Academy.

Earn at least a split against Schlagle, a team vulnerable any night due to their size.

These wins should not be the final two of the season.

One of the reasons I wrote that column was because I want the high school experience to be worth remembering for the student-athletes. I come across athletes I've covered in the past who absolutely hated their high school career.

It's sad and no student-athlete should ever look back on his career and be sour on it. Varsity sports and then a college career should be the best time in the lives of our local athletes.

It was easy to tell Wyandotte's players were headed down that path.

With these two wins, Wyandotte has an opportunity to turn in a very respectable second half of the season. No league title or even a postseason win.

But perhaps get two wins against Atchison and pull a few upsets and suddenly, you're looking at a winning second-half of the season. That's a good way to go out - especially for the senior class led by Adrian Goodlow.

Get to 6-4 in the second half of the year.

Again, congratulations to the athletes. Please keep it up. I wouldn't write what I did if I didn't care.

After dropping 10 to begin season, Wyandotte now on winning streak after shocking Harmon

By NICK SLOAN, NJSloan212@gmail.com

The first 10 games of the 2011-12 season for the Wyandotte Bulldogs boys basketball team were not exactly the best stretch of basketball worth remembering.

However, the last two games at the Viking Classic at Shawnee Mission West High School have been.

After defeating Bishop Seabury Academy by five points on Friday, the Bulldogs shocked the Harmon Hawks 57-56 in the fifth-place game of the tournament.

Adrian Goodlow, coming off a 20-point performance against Seabury, followed it up with a good 17-point performance.

Elonzo Barnett continues his steady pattern of contribution, turning in another double-figure effort with 14 points - including two three-pointers.

Shaquille Smith added 8 points for the Bulldogs.

Harmon jumped out to an early advantage over Wyandotte behind Branden Roark, who scored a game-high 26 points for the Hawks. Roark hit four three-pointers.

However, no other Hawk scored in double figures.

After leading 18-14 in the second quarter, Wyandotte outscored Harmon 18-7 in the second to take a 32-25 advantage.

Harmon rallied in the fourth quarter to take the lead, but it was the Bulldogs who had the final basket to win the game.

JaJuan Taylor had 8 points, while Tae Newton scored 8. Michael Carson, the big 6'6" junior in the starting lineup, was limited to just six points in the game.

Wyandotte improves to 2-10 on the season, while Harmon falls to 5-6.

Why KCK Preps covers Basehor-Linwood

By NICK SLOAN, NJSloan212@gmail.com

I've been informed that we received an email wondering why we cover Basehor-Linwood sports even though Basehor-Linwood is not part of Wyandotte County.

A short explanation:

1. Basehor is extremely close to Piper and Bonner Springs. As a matter of fact, Basehor-Linwood High School is closer to my location than Sumner Academy, Harmon and Bonner Springs are. Basehor is right on the edge of Wyandotte County.

2. Piper has great rivalries with Bonner Springs and Piper. Bonner Springs, Piper and Basehor-Linwood are in a bit of triangle in terms of locations, similar to Washington, Schlagle and Wyandotte. Those three group of schools are very close to each other in proximity.

3. Basehor's rivalries with KCK schools. Along with the general school rivalries with Piper and Bonner, Basehor has a great baseball rivalry with Bishop Ward. They've played some great sub-state games the past few years. Basehor has an excellent basketball rivalry with Sumner Academy - they've combined for the last three state titles in Kansas 4A. They've even had a bit of a rivalry with the girls team at Sumner Academy. They've played some tight games the last few years. In other words, Basehor plays a TON of KCK schools. They are one of the few programs outside of Wyandotte County that love coming into the inner city.

Basehor coverage should not be an issue.

We're starting to post A LOT of other sports. The wrestling coverage has picked up. We've done two of our live games at Sumner Academy and Washington.

Basehor is not in the way of covering KCK news.

Steuart, Watson carry Braves towards third straight Baldwin Invitational title

By NICK SLOAN, NJSloan212@gmail.com

It may be called the Baldwin Invitational Basketball Tournament.

But Bonner Springs owns it.

The Bonner Springs boys basketball team won their third consecutive Baldwin Invitational, hammering Baldwin 47-32 in their own gym.

For the Braves, it was Brett Steuart and B.J. Watson who continued to carry the load.

Steuart scored 15 points, which were a game-high. Watson joined the big man in double figures with 11 points of his own. Steuart and Watson were named to the all-tournament team that was announced following the victory.

Adding to the effort were Jordan and Johnathan Jackson. The two brothers combined for three three-pointers and 15 points. Jordan scored 7, while Johnathan scored 8.

Outside of a 2-0 early deficit, Bonner Springs never trailed in the game.

After a 23-18 halftime lead, Bonner Springs held Baldwin to just two points in the third quarter. Bonner Springs ended up taking a 32-20 lead into the final quarter.

PIPER INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT: Piper's Julian Cole, Caleb King and Ward's Jose Vega win brackets

By NICK SLOAN, NJSloan212@gmail.com

Three local wrestlers won their brackets at Saturday's Piper Invitational Wrestling Tournament, which was held at Piper High School.

Piper Pirate Julian Cole was the big winner on the afternoon. Cole not only won the 195-pound bracket at the event, but was rewarded as the Piper Invitational's Outstanding Wrestler.

Joining Cole in the winner's circle was teammate Caleb King, who continues his nice winning streak in tournament meets.

King won first place in the 285-pound bracket for the second weekend in a row. Along with his victory on Saturday, King won the 285-pound bracket at the Basehor Bobcat Classic last weekend.

Along with the two Piper Pirate wrestlers, a member from Piper's primary rival earned a championship in a bracket.

Jose Vega from Bishop Ward won the 152-pound bracket.

The full results are below and include several Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan., wrestlers, who are in red bold.


Team Scores:

1st: Ottawa 325
2nd: Piper 265
3rd: Jeff West 235
4th: Mill Valley 215
5th: Wellsville 151
6th: Olathe South 116
7th: Ward 105
8th: Wyandotte 99
9th: Jayhawk-Linn 56
10th: Schlagle 48

Individual Results:

1st: Tucker Schreiner (JW)
2nd: Damian Bailey (OS)
3rd: Erica Sweeny (Well)
4th: Brandon Nanninga (Ott)

1st: Logan Marx (MV)
2nd: Cameron White (OS)
3rd: Ethan Bach (Pip)
4th: Cale Paquette (Ott)

1st: Sam Carver (Ott)
2nd: Tony Viccharelli (OS)
3rd: Jocob Moylan (MV)
4th: Chad Irwin (Pip)

1st: Hunter Peoples (Ott)
2nd: Corbin Anderson (Pip)
3rd: Chase Branson (JW)
4th: Caleb Latas (MV)

1st: Garrett Brown (Ott)
2nd: Tyler Moore (Well)
3rd: Jacob Morris (Pip)
4th: Shawn Selly (OS)

1st: Zach Wills (J-L)
2nd: Curtis Kunard (Well)
3rd: Ryan Banes (Pip)
4th: Luke Marx (MV) 

1st: Jake Ellis (MV)
2nd: Kevil Ferrell (Ott)
3rd: Bret Thorington (Pip)
4th: Duane Smith (Wyan)

1st: Jose Vega (Ward)
2nd: Morgan Bromley (OS)
3rd: Caleb Parenti (Ott)
4th: Daegan Asebedo (Well)

1st: Askar Herrera (Ott)
2nd: Tadd Herrman (J-L)
3rd: Josiah Dowding (JW)
4th: Dylan Degroot (Ward)

1st: Jesse LaMay (Well)
2nd: Dalton Weidl (Ott)
3rd: Brandon Fahnestock (Pip)
4th: Atreyu Jakes (Wy)

1st: Tanner Flint (JW)
2nd: Jake Gramke (MV)
3rd: Conner Gross (Ott)
4th: Dillon Fredericks (OS)

1st: Julian Cole (Pip)
2nd: Drake Whalen (Ott)
3rd: Parke Nash (MV)
4th: Sam Shenk (JW)

1st: Justin Scott (JW)
2nd: Gheyath Fadhil (Wyan)
3rd: Emilio Calderon (Ward)
4th: Dalton Murray (Pip)

1st: Caleb King (Pip)
2nd: Tre’Von Wallace (Sch)
3rd: Mickey Jensen (Ott)
4th: Colin Brock (JW)

Outstanding Wrestler: Julian Cole (Piper)

Five quick thoughts on the Basehor-Ottawa game

By NICK SLOAN, NJSloan212@gmail.com

I may do a more in-depth piece later on Sunday, but let me just post five immediate thoughts on the Ottawa Cyclones' 56-49 victory against Basehor-Linwood.

1. Jon McKowen and his coaching staff was outstanding. Reading a lot of the newspapers around the state and some of the online message boards (The Topeka Capital-Journal's, for one), Ottawa Cyclones head coach Jon McKowen does not get nearly the credit some of the other 4A coaches do. It's time to start giving him a little bit more credit. McKowen and his coaching staff drew up a tremendous zone. It was executed well scheme wise and with fundamentals. The zone was outstanding and prevented the Murphy Twins and Ben Johnson from doing any damage inside, especially during a key 11-0 run in the second quarter. Basehor's guards and the Twins missed some open three-pointers, but that's the point of a zone. McKowen did not outcoach Mike McBride at all, but high school basketball fans need to give more respect towards him. It was a great game-plan defensively and the Cyclones were not intimidated by a Basehor team that was widely considered better than them coming in.

2. Semi Ojeleye deserves every bit of hype he gets. Ojeleye hit two three-pointers from an amazing distance. If you look at the Bobcats cursive signature on the left side of the picture in the game-piece, that's where he hit one of them. Semi was also aggressive, driving inside in the fourth quarter to draw fouls. His outlet passing is great. He missed some shots tonight, but he's special. I have no clue why Kansas is not recruiting him - and yes, I know his brother plays at Kansas State. He's 6'7 and could very well finish with 2,000 career points at the high school level. I think Ojeleye is a better player than Wichita Heights' Perry Ellis. Ojeleye is so dangerous and can do anything when he touches the ball.

3. Ottawa's guards won their matchup. Dallas Natt and Alex Hasty were pretty good at times Saturday night. Natt's aggressive and finds holes in the defense, while Hasty's size allows him to go inside as well. Both did a good job rebounding during the game. Brad Waterman and Chase Younger played good games, too. But Ottawa's guards were better than I thought and they took a major step up tonight. Natt and Hasty were huge in the second and fourth quarters.

4. Don't write off Basehor-Linwood. A lot of opposing fans were heckling the Bobcats on Twitter Saturday night, but it's a mistake to write the Bobcats off. Basehor usually does a tremendous job in a rematch and if they play Ottawa again in Salina, consider that game another coin-flip. They played very uneven during the game and missed some shots they probably normally make. Most possessions looked uncomfortable from my standpoint. They could never make that one signature run to get the lead or tie it. Credit goes to Ottawa's defense and gameplan, but Basehor missed some open looks as well. If a few open three-pointers in the second half go in, this recap is different. Basehor is not overrated; Ottawa was underrated coming in to the game.

5. This was the best win any contending team in Kansas has had all year. Going into Basehor, Kan., and winning a game is not easy - especially on a Saturday night. The crowd was loud and it was definitely a hostile environment. For Ottawa to go into that environment and win says a lot about a team that's relatively young - most of their production came from juniors tonight. I thought Basehor would win by seven or eight points tonight. Instead, Ottawa came in and played hard from the tip-off. This was the first time Basehor's senior class did not win the Basehor-Linwood Invitational Tournament. Ottawa will not face a more hostile crowd than they did tonight.

One more thought -

Kudos to the student fans of both schools. They brought it. The Basehor student section was loud and filled the stands during the girls championship game. Ottawa's smaller group of students were also very loud.

Also, I loved that Basehor's fans still stood up and applauded their basketball players at the end of the game. You don't see that enough for my liking. People laugh whenever Nebraska fans do that to opposing teams, but Basehor did it even in a loss. I thought the Washington and Schlagle fans were great in doing the same thing after the girls game they had last week, too.

Credit to them.