Pirates football team leads the way in awards

Eight different Piper Pirates football players earned awards at last weekend's KCK Preps Awards Presentation. Head coach Chris Brindle and linebacker Colton Beebe took home two of the top three awards.

PHOTOS: KCK Preps Awards ceremony

Check out some photos from last weekend's awards show at The Legends Theatre in KCK!

Prospect Profile: Tanner Eikenbary (Piper)

Here's a look at Piper Pirates quarterback Tanner Eikenbary.

KCK Preps Prospect: Kendall Short, Mill Valley

Despite missing nearly half the season, Mill Valley Jaguars running back Kendall Short finished with over 700 yards of total offense and 12 touchdowns.

Braves use second-half surge to put away William Chrisman

By NICK SLOAN, NJSloan212@gmail.com

The Bonner Springs Braves displayed why they are now a 9-3 team during a second-half run in their game against William Chrisman Friday night.

The hosting Braves scored just seven points in the first half and ended up trailing 25-22 at the half.

However, behind B.J. Watson's game-high 19 points and Brett Steuart's 14 points, the Braves performed well on the offensive side of the ball in the second-half.

Bonner Springs outscored William Chrisman 41-27 in the second half to flip the three-point deficit into an 11-point victory, 65-52.

Jordan Jackson added 9 points for the Braves, while Stevie Williams scored 8 points in the victory.

Washington loses lead in the second half in 13-point loss to Olathe East

By NICK SLOAN, NJSloan212@gmail.com

Last year's Washington Wildcats team that featured seniors top to bottom was known for comebacks in the second half.

This year's Washington Wildcats team that's stacked with juniors is having trouble holding leads.

Washington fell 59-46 on the road to Olathe East, continuing their roller-coaster of a season and falling below .500.

After losing an eight-point advantage at the half against Sumner Academy this week, the Wildcats entered halftime against Olathe East with a 21-20 lead.

In the Sumner Academy game, Washington was outscored by eight in the third quarter.

Tonight, the Wildcats were outscored by 11 points - 26-15.

Dominique Wilson scored 26 of Washington's points. Kameron Allen and Kindred Williams each added 6 points.

A key factor in the game was three-point shooting.

Olathe East hit 8 three-pointers in the game. Washington did not hit a single three-point shot - a 24-point disadvantage to the home team.

Breaking down Schlagle's win against Wyandotte

By NICK SLOAN, NJSloan212@gmail.com

I was manning the camera for tonight's KCK Preps online video stream, so I did not take any notes about the game or keep stats, meaning this will not be the typical pyramid-form story you read.

If you're a fan of cookie-cutter journalism, this post is probably not for you. 

First, a brief recap of the game:

Schlagle absolutely jumped all over Wyandotte 23-5 in the first eight or 10 minutes of the game. Wyandotte then went on an 18-6 run to cut the lead down to six. It was the closest they got. Most of the second half, Schlagle was up double figures. Wyandotte kept fighting, but they could not get the game under two possessions.

Now, the analysis:

1. The first quarter is why Wyandotte's been a frustrating team to watch. They played well in stretches in the second and third quarters. But that opening quarter buried them. It seems like there's always that one run against Wyandotte that sinks them and ends them. De Soto had a major run in the third quarter. Blue Valley had a great run in the second quarter. Schlagle had a 23-5 run against Wyandotte to open the game. Needless to say, falling down 18 points is not ideal.

2. Schlagle cut down the selfishness quite a bit. Houston Shackelford, DeVante Clark and other guards did a good job of passing the ball. There were not a ton of bad shots, though I'm sure Schlagle head coach David Johnson will disagree with me. Schlagle played much better as a team in this game. The extra pass was made quite a bit by the Stallions. Kudos to them.

3. Both teams need to work on their passing. There were numerous passes that had no zip on them. You can get away with that in the high school level - especially in a league that emphasizes offense first - but junior college guards would take those passes and go down and flush it. I'm not just talking about the difficult passes. I'm talking about the passes that should be routine.

4. Wyandotte's Shaquille Smith played his best game of the season. I don't care what the stats say. I don't care if he scored more points in this game or that game. But Smith had a good game and played aggressively on offense. I'm very proud of him. He had two monster dunks in the game, displayed some nice post moves and did a good job of demanding the ball. He looked like a good prospect in this game. If Wyandotte has this Smith the rest of the season, they have a shot against most of the teams on their schedule.

5. LaRay Young is so dangerous - the stats don't tell the story. He can hit jump shots and each time I cover a game of his, he wows me. He hit a critical three-pointer that helped Schlagle maintain distance in terms of the score.

6. Third quarter turnovers doomed Wyandotte. There was a stretch in the third quarter where Schlagle built the lead back up into the high-teens. That lead was established due to turnovers. Turnovers also took momentum away from Wyandotte during their runs. The score of this game is much closer if Wyandotte takes care of the ball in the second half.

7. Adrian Goodlow has put himself back on the radar for first team consideration. After a slow December and eary January for Goodlow, he's came back for the Bulldogs the past two weeks. I don't have a point total for Goodlow, but I'd guess he had to score at least 25 in that game. He missed shots, but he was strong in the game. He took it to the hole, he hit a few pull-up jumpers. Foul-trouble killed him, particularly a controversial third foul that came on a charge.

8. Houston Shackelford in particular played unselfishly for the Stallions. Shackelford made some great passes in the game and he helped the Stallions offense absolutely rip apart Wyandotte inside. Speaking of which....

9. Another difference in the game was the lack of interior defense from Wyandotte. It seemed like Schlagle took what they wanted and they continously raided and pillaged Wyandotte's interior defensive set. Jameon Cal feasted on it. LaRay Young scored some baskets inside. DeVante Clark did well against it. Really, Schlagle wasted time with any outside shot they took. As good as I thought Wyandotte did offensively at times inside, that's how bad they were on defense.

Final takeaways for both teams:

-Schagle looked impressive at times on offense, but feel asleep in stretches too. Again, I'm not sure why the Stallions took any jump shots to be honest. Whenever they went aside, they got a foul at worst. The 23-5 stretch they had reminded me why I expected good things from this team this season. They played as a team and it showed on the scoreboard. Schlagle got better tonight, even if it was against a 2-11 team.

-Wyandotte displayed why I've been both negative and positive about them. Wyandotte was the better team in the second and fourth quarters. They fought back. They never quit. They showed fight. They could have been ran out of the gym by 30 or 40. They didn't let that happen. So credit to them on that. But that first quarter is why they are now a 2-12 team rather than a team hovering around .500. You don't win games that often when you bury yourselves in the opening six minutes.

Boys basketball scores: January 27

Lansing 59, BASEHOR 58
SCHLAGLE 65,Wyandotte 52
OLATHE EAST 59, Washington 46
BONNER SPRINGS 63, Chrisman 52

Lost Camera

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

I dropped a cable after the game and when I went under the stands to get it I found a camera.  I picked it up along with my cable and walked out and grabbed my bag and tripod.  As soon as I came out I started running my mouth and forgot about the camera.  I am pretty sure I saw the lady who was filming in front of our broadcast and I would very much like to see this nice camera returned.

I will hit twitter but if you hear of anyone looking for a camera please let me know.  Let me know the make and model and I will arrange for its return.  If I don't hear anything I will turn it into Schlagle's lost and found the next time I am there.

KCK Preps Game of the Week: Wyandotte Starters

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

Coach Draper wanted to wait until after last nights practice to set his line up.  He called me yesterday evening so I got a later start on this video.  Good luck to the Bulldogs tonight.