Farewell, my friends

With mixed feelings comes this announcement: This will be the last night I cover high school sports on a full-time basis. While I'll try to give a full explanation down the road, I'll try a cliff notes version first:

1. I want to put my sole focus on The Kansan and another upcoming business project

2. I need to continue to rebuild my life (health and social) and that includes having Tuesday/Friday nights off.

I put my heart and soul into the high school sports community for four years. I want to thank the supporting parents , fans and players for making these four years a great joy for me. No matter what I accomplish in life down the road, KCK Preps will always be the thing I was most proud of. Working on stories until 3 a.m. each Wednesday and Saturday morning was worth it for all of you.

For those who may be angry with me as a result of this, while I wouldn't blame you at all, I pray for your forgiveness and hope you can understand where I'm coming from. This is nothing anyone did and usually, I try to consult with my closest friends before making a big decision. However, this is a decision I needed to make on my own and by myself.

Again, thank you for the support over the years. My "last dance" will come on signing day for the football guys. I'll leave KCK Preps online for a while so you can go back and save any stories.


Nick Sloan